Subaru Impreza Event?


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The Countdown Begins - Behold the `reborn

Subaru must have noticed the fun that AMG were having and in turn have announced their own super-duper unveiling of an unknown model, to arrive on April 5th. On Subaru’s Autoshow homepage, you can see the timer ticking down the seconds yourself. Should we be excited? Probably. Are we excited? Hardly. These past few weeks, we’ve come to expect that not all cars are as ‘appealing’ or ‘impressive’ as they’d like to think they are. Even Lamborghinis can turn sour, Renaults flux about and Ferraris get burnout. More to the point, if any “legend” is to be “reborn” it’s most likely to be the all-fabled Impreza. Stay tuned – we’ll be covering the event direct from the Big Apple!

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