Suncor Energy: A Socially Responsible Oil Company?


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It is no secret to the Integrated Energy Sector that the Canadian Province of Ontario is currently experiencing a ‘fuel supply shortage’. As of this week it seems to have been somewhat rectified and was widely felt in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) about two weeks ago. At one point during the last 3 weeks many gas stations across the Province could not keep up with consumer demand and as a result went days without any fuel. Gas prices surged up to $1.10CAD/litre ($3.59USD/gallon) during this 2 week period and have recently held steady around $0.99CAD/litre ($3.25USD/gallon). For daily gas prices in the GTA checkout:

In response to this, Suncor Energy Inc. (an integrated energy company based in Calgary Alberta currently developing one of the world’s largest petroleum resource basins, the Athabasca Oil Sands) has introduced a 50% off Car Wash Special at all Sunoco Ecowash Locations in Ontario Canada valid until April 30th, 2007.


What a socially responsible oil company. . . . (slight oxymoron).

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