Review: Falken Tires FK-452


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For those of you who have forgotten the joys of spring (in a climate that includes snow), think back to those early March/April days when your parents used to haul out your bikes from the shed, or rafters in the garage, tune them up and let you have your mobile freedom. Unfortunately this joy has been long forgotten as my Norco VPS-Drop was my main mode of transportation in University even during the harsh winter months (wicked awesome fun by the way). Although this joy is long forgotten, it is far from long gone.

Today was the first true day of spring for me. It was a day of freedom and a day to celebrate even after a crazy 4 hour thunderstorm. Today was the day my summer wheels came out of storage and slammed onto my 1993 Prelude. What better timing than a morning alignment, a lunch date with my torque wrench and jack, an afternoon of torrential downpours to cleanse the pavement, and an evening to put 150km on a new set of Falken FK-452 RUBBERS! YES, it might as well have been Christmas for me!

The Tire Rack- Revolutionizing Tire Buying

The Falken FK-452’s are a brand spanking new tire from Falken Tires this year. The Falken Tire Corporation is a subsidiary of The Ohtsu Tire and Rubber Company Limited of Osaka, Japan. The FK-452 is the replacement tire for the Falken GRB FK-451’s (no longer in production) that I was sporting on all 4 corners last year until an amazing intersection drift blew a hole in my front passenger tread. (You should have seen the drift… sickest drift I have ever pulled off) Seeing that the FK-451’s were a major step up from the all season ZE-512’s I had on 2 years ago, I figured I would keep the rears and just get new rubber for the front (front wheel drive vehicle).

After a quick trip on the 401 to Guelph and back through some heavy rainfall and then a 30 minute playful drive around the city I have the following to conclude: These tires kick ass! Wow. They are pretty much the same price as last years FK451’s but I feel that I almost have zero wheel slip from a hard shift from 1st to 2nd. Even accelerating hard off the line on somewhat dry pavement I noticed a considerable amount of jerk compared to some slippage from last year on completely dry pavement. I can see this is going to be a fun summer and its only April! I will post a review at the end of the summer when I have had a chance to perform my very own summer of controlled and non-controlled torture testing! Here is a performance comparison chart I pulled from the FK-452 “Technical Info” section that sums up what I felt upon my first 150km test drive with them on.


Notice how the comfort level has remained unchanged, thats because any ride with low profile tires gives a racier and less comfortable ride no matter what shocks or dampers you have. Why? Because any sharp force applied to the tire (bumps, potholes, curbs for the unfortunate) gets directly transmitted to the rim, through the suspension (some force is absorbed) and to your seat and steering wheel. Unlike your big thick rubber 15 or 16 inch winters or all seasons that have the ability to dampen the majority of the force before transferring it onward through the rim, suspension and to your seat where you barely notice it and barely appreciate it. ­čśë


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16 Responses to “Review: Falken Tires FK-452”

  1. Ken said on April 9th, 2007 at 7:10 pm

    Good editorial of the new tire. I’d be interested in seeing how you feel about them in a few months for sure.

  2. Anthony Carbone said on April 10th, 2007 at 1:40 pm

    Thanks Ken, I will be updating the site throughout the summer to give a better picture of how I am enjoying these tires! Cheers.

  3. Renato said on September 23rd, 2007 at 10:31 am

    Hello Anthony,
    I decided to buy two FK-452 for my Volvo V70 2.5 and put them in the rear (it has front traction). I had 4 Michelin Pilot Primacy, now just two.
    Well, in a few words, after about 150 km. I’m quite afraid to drive again with those tires under my bottom!! I never felt so unsure while driving, I feel the car “going away” when I turn it. I’ can’t explain how you are so enthousiast of them. Cheers.

  4. Yin Ching said on September 24th, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    The Falkens 452 is perhaps the best value tires today. Except for the Michelin PS 2 and Michelin Primacy MXV4 which I consider to be the most exceptional tires aorund, the Falken 452 will deliver a glimpse of the most expensive tires for a fraction of their price.

    It will better Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 and Toyo T1R for sure(grip and noise respectively). Comfort wise, these tires are nearly about the same.

    Not: The Falken 452 should not be mixed with tires with vastly different thread pattern. This also apply generally to all tires regardless of brand. I used to work at BOB JANE TYRE MART!

  5. Renato said on September 27th, 2007 at 1:48 pm

    Hello Yin, what do you mean with “not to be mixed”? I have Michelin on hte front and Falken 452 on the rear. Isn’t that good?

  6. Joseph Padilla said on October 4th, 2007 at 12:50 am

    Mixing tires with drastically different patterns will have some adversity. It will be quite unpredictable even more when it rains. I work for a tire outfit in Melbourne. My advise is ‘don’t’.

    The Falken 452 is actually one of the best value tyre at it’s retail price. The only other tire that have rather similar pattern is the Dunlop Direzza. The Falken 452 is also probably one of the most hated tires to may competitors at the moment.

  7. Antony Carbone said on December 16th, 2007 at 3:26 pm

    Well Ken, the Falken 452’s came off the night before a crazy ice storm here mid November 2007 in Toronto, and have plenty of tread left and easily another spring/summer/fall season left on them.

    I put about 20,000km on them and I am not a gentle driver.

    Best valued tire I have yet to have my 1993 Honda Prelude SRV.


  8. ChefRon said on March 18th, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    I have 275/40/18 on a 540 hp 05 gto.They have great traction,very little wheelhop,I spin the hell out of them sometimes.I live in South Fl. where we get alot of rain and the 4000 lb. car stops great.Would definitely buy them again!

  9. legend6speed said on March 20th, 2009 at 10:03 am

    I have been using Falken 452s for the past 4 years on a weekend car. 215.45.17 with Koni sports REDs and HR springs. These are great tires. I have had them all and this by far has to be the best value. Super sticky and great responsive sidewalls. These are my 2nd pair and I will looking for a 3rd set soon. Keep up the good work.

  10. Falken Tire Show Girl Models | CarZi said on May 29th, 2009 at 8:46 am

    […] have been a strong supporter of Falken tires since my very first set of Falken FK-452 Review back in 2007. They were by far the best bang for my 1993 Honda Prelude SR-V then and still are as I […]

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  14. Debbie Jarman said on June 13th, 2012 at 6:41 am

    My husband put Falken XZiEX S/t204 tires on his F-150. OMG…the road noise is unbearable!!! He bought these tires under the advice of the salesman. He was assured they would perform as well as Michelin. Of course they cost less…but you get what you pay for! Should have stuck with Michelin. These tires have been aligned, rotated etc… on manufacture recommandations. The company only offers 35 day return policy…..If you are thinking of getting these tires, I encourage you not to. Even with the radio up you hear the whoop whoop whoop sound…Drives me nuts!!!

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