Sold Out: 2008 Bentley Brooklands


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For the ultra-luxe, gangster or pimp, Bentley recently introduced the “Bentley Broklands” at the New York Auto Show.

Each Brooklands begins its life as a Bentley Azure convertible, then it’s hard top roof is hand-welded on. Hitting the market on the heels of the successful debut of the Continental GTC, the Brooklands is has a sweet ass 530 bhp V8. It’s also ultra-exclusive: only 550 will be produced over a 3 year period. Bentley said the reason for the limited production run over 3 years is due to the extreme level of customization which includes custom details from the color, type of wood, and smell of upholstery used in the interior.

As each custom coach will differ in customization, prices will no doubt vary, most Brooklands will sell for just under $400,000. Bentley has already taken orders for the 140 some cars that will ship in 2008, so if you want one you’ll have to wait two years.


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  1. Stella Logan said on November 12th, 2008 at 11:25 pm