Lumma CLR 500 RS – Now That’s an M5


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Lumma CLR 500 RS

Feeling a little down lately? Is your stock BMW M5 just too plain for you? Is the 507 hp just not cutting it any more? Are you tired of your friend with the BMW M6 getting all the attention? You might want to place a call to the German tuner-house Lumma.

Along with the flashy widebody kit, 21″ 3-piece rims (with rear tires as wide as a 997 GT3), smoked taillights, stout exhaust tips, baller interior, and generous helpings of real carbon fiber everywhere (including the trunk lid), you also get… 560 HP!!!

The horsepower bump comes courtesy of a re-programmed ECU and performance exhaust. That’s good for a top speed of 327 kmh, now that the pesky speed limiter has been disposed off.

The Lumma CLR 500 RS – Just what the doctor ordered.

Lumma CLR 500 RS Lumma CLR 500 RS Lumma CLR 500 RS

Lumma CLR 500 RS Lumma CLR 500 RS Lumma CLR 500 RS

[Source: Lumma]

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  1. Anthony Carbone said on May 6th, 2007 at 8:31 pm

    Lumma in the wild