Video: America’s Most Exclusive Car Club


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Interesting video of an exotic car rental club in Scottsdale, Arizona. Very exclusive and extremely cool….

According to the owner, Ron Van Horssen:

Owners of super premium automobiles often drive them less than 1,000 miles each year, making it hardly worht the time and trouble to maintain them full-time. Van Horssen Group solves this problem – and goes far beyond the limits of traditional ownership – by offering national access to magnificent vehicles, which are impeccably maintained and delivered to your locations whenever you want to drive them.

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One Response to “Video: America’s Most Exclusive Car Club”

  1. Vinay Menon said on April 21st, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    Nate, When is Infinfx going to have an office like that backing onto the private plane airport? I’d like to pay a visit in my Gulfstream V.