Start Your Engines – 2007 Bullrun May 11-18


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Once again the stars and the 100 cars of Bullrun 2007 (by invitation only) take to the roads of North America in a week of the best driving and most glamorous parties. The official start of the rally will be in Montreal @ the 9am on Saturday May 12, 2007.

What happens next is a mystery, the participants only find out each morning where they have to head to that day.

Paris Hilton has also confirmed entrance into Bullrun 2007 – Montreal to Key West. She will be piloting a brand new Spyker C8.

Click on the photos below to see the blond heiress in her wheels for the Bullrun.


Watch the VIDEO as Paris get schooled on how to start the damn thing. Don’t you love how she stands up from the drivers seat and just steps over the center console to slink down into the passenger seat? One thing I do love is the menacing sound of that Spyker C8’s engine.

$17,500 USD, yields costs for driver + co-driver, accomodations, rally entry and meals and parties for the week.

The Bullrun USA 2007 begins May 11th in Montreal, Quebec, Canada To KEY WEST, FLORIDA, USA.

1. All types of electronic equipment are allowed.
2. Drivers must start at the official start of day and receive the official route card to direct them to the lunch checkpoint.
3. All drivers must stop at the lunch checkpoint to collect their next route card.
4. The time required to be spent at the lunch checkpoint varies from day to day.
5. At the official finish for the day the drivers must present the lunch checkpoint car for their time to be recognized.
6. Drivers are required to drive within the bounds of all legal jurisdictions.

Remember KIDS, its not a RACE, its a RALLY!!

Bullrun: PACE CAR – Noble M12 GTO – V6 Twin Turbo

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  1. […] NOTE, I hope this doesn’t mean she wont be in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) for the start of the BULLRUN, because I have booked a flight there next Saturday May 12th, in order to snap a couple off […]

  2. […] ^ The 75 Hurst Oldsmobile came in 2nd in the first season. The Ford F-150 came in 3rd. I had seen previews of a Bullrun from Canada to Key West and thought that was the 2nd season and that the show had been cancelled . I looked it up and I guess that was for a real Bullrun Race cause it really happen Link 2007 Bullrun May 11-18 – Details and Pictures | CarZi […]

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