Steve Saleen Retiring… I’ve heard that before from Jay-Z


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Its hard to keep any real master from performing beautiful feats of destiny on whatever they call their canvas. Did you really think that Jay-Z would stay retired for ever? No, I wasn’t fooled either. Call it a legitimate stealth break from your work. A well deserved one in each of these two masterful domains. However nothing can ever hold back their DNA’s screams to continue enjoying what they have been creating for years.

According to on May 14th, 2007, Mr. Saleen, founder and vice chairman of the board at Saleen Inc., Steve Saleen has announced his official retirement from the company’s executive team.

Steve said “I have a vested interest in the company’s future and intend to remain involved. I take great pride in knowing I have assembled a team of the most talented and innovative professionals in the industry. Each person at Saleen has helped me achieve my dream and will help to continue my legacy in the generation of Saleen products and services.”

What does this all exactly translate to?

It just means he wants less of the corporate responsibility (mainly policies and corporate governance) and more of enjoying life and injecting his infuence into the product design and development activites as well as its branding strategies and promotional efforts.

Not only is Mr. Saleen a true hardcore automotive visionary, but his tenacity to succeed, coupled with meticulous business skills and a realized dream completely yields Steve Saleen to be considered one of the greatest specialty automobile manufacturers in the world.

If you have a dream, follow it hard, to the end of your own sanity, only then will the universe allow you to completely realize your dream. I can guarantee you if you asked either of these two fine gentlemen what they attribute their success to, you would get the answer “follow your dreams and listen to your instincts”.

Just like Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and Donald Trump, (to name a few) this guy is a Total Business Pimp!! (I mean that in the most complimentary way possible!)



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