Video: VOD Cars Presents Ferrari CS Tunnel Runs


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In case you have been living in a cave or simply new to cool automotive sites, let me introduce you to VOD Cars claims to be the #1 Broadband Car Network, and they post new video episodes every Tuesday submitted by users.

Most of their videos are pretty cool and cannot be easily found anywhere else on the internet, most are worth a watch, but recently I have become more and more unimpressed with some of the over-advertising that they stick into the videos. I don’t want to see more than a quick add at the start of a video, and a quick one at the end.

Their latest Episode 124 (Titled Sounds Of Fury) consists of a Challenge Stradale singing beautifully in a tunnel, a passenger car making fun use of underground train station stops, Captain Kirk approving his test drive, another Ferrari doing 160mph in a tunnel, and a MC12 learns how not to film itself going through a tunnel.

CLICK HERE to view this awesome sounding video (p.s. the first minute of the video is PURE GOLD SOUND from the CS)


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