Rumors: 3 Porsche Prototype Engines Stolen


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According to some German posts on The Final Gear Forum:

3 Porsche Engine Prototypes have been stolen out of The Porsche Development Center: 2 conventional engines and one “engine of the future”. The parts have been found in the Techart garage! Four people are in jail, two leasing-managers of Porsche, and 2 customers. Porsche will now sue Techart for theft and Techart claims they bought the stuff with a bill and thought everything was A-OK, but found out, that the engine wasn´t the promised 997 Turbo engine, but something else (Flux Capacitor?), so they gave it back to the dealer, and it was found there. If it´s true, Techart will be out of the buisness, because Porsche never delivers parts to someone who did something “sketchy” with them.

Right now, the only facts are, the engines disappeared and popped up at Techart……that´s it.


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