What does Alex Tagliani drive on the Street?


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Alex Tagliani poses in Las Vegas in front of his Mercedes CLS
It is always particularly interesting to see what race car drivers drive when off the track. CART racer Alex Tagliani and his super hot model wife Bronte Tagliani have two cars – a Lincoln Navigator and a 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLS sedan. The silver CLS is kitted out with Brabus rims, wheels and suspension.

The Globe and Mail article also talks about his first car (VW Golf GTi), his next car (Maserati Quattroporte) and his reasons for not driving something more racecar driver worthy (Porsche 911 GT3) The reporter however fails to mention whether it’s a CLS 550 or a CLS 55 – Quite the oversight if you ask me! You cannot even tell from the single picture of the CLS as he is standing right in front of where the AMG fender logo would be.

Source: [Globeauto.com]

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