Hummer attempts to make a Smartphone & Fails


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When the topic of American over-consumption comes up, the discussion inevitably turns to the gas guzzling ways of the Hummer. What do you do when you want a whole lot of extra grunt in your smartphone? Their trucks have a lot of torque, so you’d imagine that their smartphones would be pretty darn powerful, right?

Well, the Hummer HT1 sliding smartphone only comes with a middle of the road level of functionality, quite unlike the 4×4 behemoths of the same name. Designed by French design company Modelabs, the Hummer HT1 rocks a 2.2-inch 260k color TFT touchscreen, 2 megapixel camera, 256MB internal memory, microSD expansion, and GSM/GPRS radios.

Where’s the WiFi?
Where are the giant rubberized grips that SCREAM HUMMER PRODUCT?

What a crock of shit, if this phone accomplishes anything successful, it will be to add a touch of ‘pussy’ to the Hummer line of products. Way to devalue the Hummer brand!

At least you can pretend to be cool if you do decide to get one, they come in bold yellow, camouflage, or shit-army green, in addition to the boring plain silver.

Price is expected to be in the $600 USD range.

I give this phone 2 thumbs down.



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