The Caparo T1: An Engineer’s Dream Come True


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The Caparo T1 was launched on June 8th 2007, and it’s creators claim that its the most extreme supercar ever built. Le Mans racer or superbike? – the British designed T1 is more hardcore than both.

·Maximum Speed: +200mph
·0-60mph: under 2.5 seconds
·0-100mph: under 5 seconds
·Lateral acceleration: Up to 3g+
·Braking deceleration: Up to 3g+

· Aluminium V8
· Dry sump
· 480bhp @ 10,500 rpm

· Magnesium/carbon 6 speed sequential gearbox
· Paddle shift gear change control
· Limited slip differential
· Equal length hollow tripode driveshafts
· Various gear and final drive ratios available

· Streamline double wishbone front and rear
· Tuneable front and rear anti-roll bar
· Five-way adjustable race dampers

· Fully tuneable engine ECU
· Bespoke wiring aerospace grade loom
· Multi-function race dash including data logging
· Speed sensors for traction and launch control

rear_a4-high-res-11.jpg rear_a4-high-res-12.jpg rear_a4-high-res-13.jpg

The T1’s principal designer is Ben Scott-Geddes, who cut his teeth at McLaren cars working on the Mercedes McLaren SLR. Like the SLR, the T1 is made of advanced aerospace materials; carbon fibre and aluminium.

The monocoque is made from carbon fibre, like an F1 car which it closely resembles.


Thanks to its featherweight structure and 480bhp V8 engine, the Caparo can crack 60mph in under 2.5s, and destroys 100mph in under 5.0s. It piles on speed at such a REEdiculous rate thanks to its phenomenal power-to-weight ratio of 1000bhp per tonne. That’s twice as powerful as the world’s fastest production car, the 252mph Bugatti Veyron, which musters ‘just’ 506bhp per tonne.

The T1 is the first series production car to break the 1000bhp per tonne ceiling, a feat beyond even the most vicious superbike, say the Caparo team.

caparo-t1-4.jpg caparo-t1-3.jpg

The T1 supercar is a showcase for automotive consultancy Caparo Vehicle Technologies. This British-based multinational designs, manufactures and supplies components to the automotive industry. Its dream is to get more parts from lightweight metals or composites into mass production, to bring down the weight of family cars.

Just don’t expect the average family hatch to be as exotic or as expensive as the T1. The limited edition supercar will cost under $400,000 USD. For that price, you get a car that weighs next to nothing 550kg (1210 lbs). That’s an impressive 250kg less than a Lotus Elise!



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11 Responses to “The Caparo T1: An Engineer’s Dream Come True”

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  3. als1uk said on April 20th, 2008 at 9:33 pm

    do you reckon an ordinary bloke would live long if he bought one??? and how much are they??

  4. beetles said on May 14th, 2008 at 3:19 am

    it is 575 horse power dont know where they got 480 from.
    and i think on topgear they said it was 235,000 pounds.

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