The RechargeIT Initiative


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RechargeIT is a initiative that aims to reduce CO2 emissions, cut oil use and stabilize the electrical grid by accelerating the adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and vehicle-to-grid technology (V2G). As a “hybrid” philanthropic venture itself, can apply a broad mix of resources – investments, grants, policy, public engagement – to addressing the climate crisis. is working with A123 Systems and Hymotion to convert it’s growing fleet of hybrid cars into plug-in hybrids and to collect performance data to demonstrate their efficiency.

Learn how these numbers were calculated >>

By demonstrating the technology using own fleet and supporting others through grants and investments, together we will drive toward a plug-in revolution.


Click Here >> to see how their regular Toyota Prius (Garamba & Kilimanjaro) VS their Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrids (Galapagos & Great Barrier Reef) are performing.

Watch the video featuring Jim Woolsey, Chelsea Sexton, Larry Brilliant and others. This video describes plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and the vehicle to grid (V2G) system as part of the RechargeIT project.

Plug-In Hybrid Locator:If you have a plug-in car, email them and they will add it to their map of plug-ins across the nation.


This is a super cool initiative. What else would you expect from the “do no evil” company of the millennium? If you have never driven a Toyota Prius, you should go and rent one. They are super fun, not just because of the cool display that shows you (well mostly) the flow of energy, engine usage and recharge state, but the car itself is just freaking cool to drive. Get in one and try it out for a day, you’ll understand what I’m saying within the first 5 minutes.

11:40am – Update
This story – Google pushes 100-mpg car from was just freshly delivered and was published at 11:20am today. Many thanks to Vinay’s ever watchful eye.


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