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[Video] 2008 Porsche GT2

Official Video and Photos


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Molly Saleen Is Smoking Hot


Tall, Blond, Busty & Curvy: Molly Saleen is absolutely gorgeous!

What does this have to do with anything automotive you ask?

Well, aside from being Steve Saleen’s daughter (Saleen Inc.) Molly, has just recently entered the lineup for The Great American Run. Sweet!


“I have been involved with the family business my whole life” says Molly. “I’ve also attended a number of racing schools along the west coast and driven everything from karts to high performance street cars.”


Formerly a modest stock S281-SC, Molly’s Mustang aka Molly-Pop has undergone more image changes than Madonna. It now wields 500bhp, 475 lbs-ft of torque and shines with star quality thanks to Saleen engineered Watts Link style suspension and Saleen designed aerodynamics.


“The Molly-Pop is like a sour candy,” says Molly. “It looks sweet and inviting on the outside, but once you get mixed up with it, you’re sorry you ever did.”


She’s rumored to have driven practice runs to the penultimate stop, Las Vegas, NV from her home in Orange County, CA.

0121212_molly-pop-mustang-9_122_520lo.jpg 0220966_molly-pop-mustang-6_122_54lo.jpg 0320972_molly-pop-mustang-7_122_1137lo.jpg

0421258_molly-pop-mustang-4_122_902lo.jpg 0521267_molly-pop-mustang-5_122_154lo.jpg 0621283_molly-pop-mustang-8_122_214lo.jpg

Could you imagine if she was your girlfriend? You would probably have to fight over who’s driving every time you were going out together in the same car.

Yes, I could imagine 🙂

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[Video] Cars + Guns + Explosions = Awesome

Check out this quick video where Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear substitutes clay pigeon shooting for something a little less British and a little more rock and roll American.

I still don’t understand why I have always found blowing things up super fun and exciting. Maybe some of you psychologists who read our blog could offer an explanation?


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LOCUS HTT PLETHORE: Canadian Supercar

HTT Plethore 2009 Photos HERE: HTT Plethore Photos


Canadian super car manufacturer HTT is ready to “drop a bomb” on the automotive industry with its new “750 hp” or “1300 hp” powered automobile named the HTT PLETHORE. The 2007 Locus PLETHORE, nicknamed the “Quebec Bomb”, is the first Canadian super car that features an exotic design matched by amazing power.


Designed by Mr. Luc Chartrand, who is an electronic and composite material specialist, the PLETHORE is made completely of the lightweight racing material known as carbon fiber and has a central driving position just like the McLaren F1. Which means the driver puts on the show for its two other passengers which ride behind the driver. I believe that you could charge admission for such an experience.

Mr. Chartrand passionately comments that:

“Not only does it offer incredible visibility from the central driver position, the car also provides room for as many as three people up to 6’6″ in height a first for this class of vehicle.

With a price tag of $330, 000 CDN, one can easily see the Locus PLETHORE being snatched up by Professional NHL players and the like. Be quick though because there will only be a limit of “400 PLETHORE’s” produced per year with the first orders of the vehicle will be taken by the end of summer 2007.

We will all be looking forward to the first spotter photographs which are sure to surface from the streets of Quebec within a couple weeks!


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[WTF] No U.S. Grand Prix in 2008, says Ecclestone


This is rediculous. I don’t understand “we didn’t reach an agreement”. What the hell is there to agree on? F1 comes to the USA and everyone is happy in the make glorious benefit country of the world. F1 gets American love, America gets F1 love, and everyone makes shit loads of money. I guess the trend of making as much money as possible using one of the largest events in the world as your vehicle is starting to reverse itself, sorta like the poles of our planet.

“After several discussions, Bernie Ecclestone and I were unable to agree how to keep Formula One in Indianapolis for the near term,” said IMS chief executive Tony George in a statement.

So seeing that there was no agreement reached after several discussions it’s most likely because someone is being a greedy bastard. UN-REAL. These guys obviously both need to enroll in a negotiating course because no deal is not a good deal for anyone when it comes to F1 destinations.

Ecclestone explained to Reuters “We didn’t reach an agreement… Let’s see if we miss America,” adding that no other U.S. venue was lined up to replace Indianapolis on the 2008 calendar.

This will most likely mean that my trip to Montreal next year for the Canadian Grand Prix will be that much crazier because of all the folks in the USA coming up north to my igloo laden country to get a taste of F1 next year. GREAT as if we need to deal with Montreal being that much crazier than it already is during that weekend.

“However, we have agreed to leave the door open for a potential future date. “It has been a pleasure having the United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis, and I hope that as we approach our Centennial Era at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, an opportunity might present itself that would allow its return,” Ecclestone further explained.

“We most definitely should have a race here and if you ask me, maybe two or even more in the United States,” said Mercedes motorsport vice-president Norbert Haug after this year’s race at Indianapolis last month.

This story woke me up pretty fast today, a feat usually reserved for my morning coffee!

Click here for the full REUTERS ARTICLE.

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Leaked: 2008 Porsche GT2 Brochure Transcribed

I got sick of looking at the 30 scanned copies of the leaked 2008 Porsche 911 GT2 brochure this morning, so I had my secretary transcribe the entire thing for me. Don’t thank me, thank her! 🙂


At Porsche, our aim is not to increase power – except through increased efficiency. This is why we began with the 911 Turbo when developing an engine for the new 911 GT2. Its power is combined with rear-wheel drive for racing-car driving dynamics.

But how is it possible to improve on an engine that is already so close to perfection? How did we introduce even greater potential – ant the character of a racing engine? The answer: BY SIMPLY INCREASING EFFICIENCY.

The six-cylinder boxer unit has flow-optimized turbines featuring Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) and larger compressors on the intake side. Together with VarioCam Plus, they boost performance while reducing emissions over the entire engine speed range. Other important features include the revolutionary new expansion intake manifold and the new titanium main silencer.

The results: 530hp from a 3.6 liter displacement at 6500rpm. Maximum torque of 505 lb-ft is available from 2200 to 4500rpm. The benchmark sprint 0-60mpg is complete in 3.6 seconds; 0-100mph requires just 7.4 seconds and top track speed is 204mph.

Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG)
Porsche has a long and celebrated tradition of using turbocharged power on both road and track. On the new 911 GT2 we’ve enhanced this technology with VTG.


On a conventional turbocharger, the exhaust flow drives a turbine that is connected to a compressor on the intake side. By compressing the incoming air, the amount of oxygen in a given volume is increased. Since compression also causes an increase in temperature, the air must be cooled in a device known as a “intercooler”. With more oxygen present in each cylinder charge, more fuel can be burnt yielding greater energy. Since higher exhaust pressures generate greater loads on the intake side, the intake pressure must be carefully controlled in order to protect the engine. On the new 911 GT2 this `boost pressure’ is limited using `waste gate’ valves that bypass excess pressure around the twin exhaust turbines.

Another important factor in the system is the size of the turbochargers. Since a smaller turbine has a lower mass, it responds more quickly to increasing pressure, spinning up easily to its optimum speed. The key disadvantage of using a smaller turbo is that the back-pressure generated at higher engine speeds causes a significant reduction in performance. Resistance is caused by the smaller cross-sectional area through which the exhaust is required to flow. Larger turbo units, which create lower back-pressure at higher rpm, take considerably longer to spin up under power due to the large cross-sectional area and relative inertia of the heavier turbine. Generally, this type of turbo will only be effective in the medium rpm range. This phenomenon, known as `turbo lat’, means there is virtually no turbo charging effect at lower engine speeds.

To overcome this problem, the twin water-cooled turbochargers on the new 911 GT2 feature VTG. With this technology, the gas-flow from the engine is channeled onto the turbines via electronically adjustable guide vanes, by changing the vane angle, the system can replicate the geometry in all types of turbo, large or small, and thus achieve the optimum gas-flow characteristics. The guide vanes are controlled by the engine management system. The result is a high turbine speed – therefore higher boost pressure – even at low engine rpm. With more air available, the combustion is increased, yielding greater power and torque.


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Weekly Darwinian Award (Inconsiderate Mom Of The Week)

Wow. I don’t know what to say. Never in a million years would I have expected to see this Volvo X70 driving soccer mom double parked like this. It doesn’t even make sense. Was this a joke? Or was it simply staged to become a contender for CarZi’s Weekly Darwinian Award? Its not like she is driving a stretch limo or a cube van. I was rather floored when I saw this the other day while out having lunch with a co-worker.


I would expect this kind of parking to come from someone who drives a Hummer H1 or S600, but from a VOLVO owner? I am still speechless!


Shame on you Soccer Mom, Shame on YOU!

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Chevy V8 Engine = BBQ Grill

What else would one use a Chevrolet V8 engine for?


A real Chevy V8 engine block, was retrofitted with a grill and propane burners to produce 60,000 BTU. The engine has been modified into a BBQ by Trent Whatley and Terry Bacon.


It’s a fully functional grill but apparently the duo want to work a bit more with its looks.

I think it looks pretty damn cool as is! (for a Chevrolet Engine) 😛


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Spy Shots: Porsche Panamera Part II


Here are latest photos of the Porsche Panamera, on its way to the main entrance of the Nürburgring race track.

The prototype has finally shed some more of its camouflage (come on strip for us) revealing more design and some body panel details. Although the accent lines in the outer doors panels and front and rear bumper fascias are still covered, we can see other details emerging such as an elongated taillight and front headlamp shape.

panamera-1.jpg panamera-2.jpg panamera-3.jpg

The Panamera is Porsche’s answer to the Mercedes-Benz CLS; a genuine four-seater cast from the GT mould.

panamera-4.jpg panamera-5.jpg panamera-6.jpg

This Porsche will not be a soft comfort-oriented four-door. With direct-injection V8 power and up to 500bhp, it’s not going to be slow.

panamera-8.jpg panamera-9.jpg panamera-10.jpg

You will be able to choose from a regular six-speed manual box, or shell out a few extra bills and upgrade to a racy seven-speed twin-clutch arrangement related to VW’s DSG transmission.

In my head when I look at the side shots of this car it basically looks like an stretch 911 with 4 doors and some Cayenne headlights. 🙂

Porsche Panamera details:
Engine: 400 HP 4.8 liter V8 (Front Engine)
Engine Options: 520 HP Turbocharged
Top speed: 180 mph
Release: 2010
Optional 4×4
Hybrid version planned for 2011

snow-1.jpg snow-2.jpg snow-3.jpg


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