Video Recreation: Robert Kubica’s Canadian Grand Prix Crash


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The techies over at RTL, Europe’s largest TV, radio and production company that broadcasts the Formula One events, put together this cheap, low quality, low budget three-dimensional re-creation of the crash. The action is slowed down to a crawl so that your grandmother can follow the crash frame by frame.

The standard Formula 1 carbon fiber bathtub which is probably more hardcore than the A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) 1.5 inch titanium cockpit which weights 6% of the entire aircrafts empty weight is essentially what saved Mr. Kubica’s life during his head on 142.6 mph and 75 G impact.

Not only did the carbon fiber chassis play an integral part of saving his life, but I’m sure some of the other products supplied by DuPont also had some hand in keeping Kubica warm, dry and not crispy or cut up during this crash.


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