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Transformer Technology Is Here – The Disappearing Door


Transformer Technology is finally here, and of course its currently only available for the rich.

The original inventors and designers of the Disappearing Car Door technology are now able to equip your favorite automobile with their Transformer-esque Automatic Door Technology. They have a video on their website that shows the door in operation on an Lincoln Mark VIII, its pretty baller, so check it out.

They claim to work with the finest and most experienced coach builders in the US and Europe, ensuring that your vehicle will be manufactured to the highest quality, reliability and safety standards, including a manual override for door operation.


Watch the Transformation


One thing is damn sure, and I completely agree with Kareem on this, when we get this installed, we will have to have the Transformer sounds wired into our sound system for when its tranforming!!!

I want it, and just for the record Transformers are so wicked awesome I can’t explain it 🙂


[Source: Kareem,]

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[Video] Caparo builds the world’s fastest police car


This Caparo T1 decked in police livery is just a concept vehicle developed by the UK’s Met Police and Caparo for the MPH ’07 show set for this weekend in London.


Dubbed the Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV), the new concept is intended as a deterrent to anyone who thinks they can get away with speeding. If you’re unfamiliar with Caparo’s upcoming supercar all you need to know is that it’s essentially the closest thing to a road legal Formula One car.

It’s ‘8th wonder of the world’ 3.5L V8 engine develops 575bhp @ 10,500rpm and 310 lbft of torque at 9,000rpm. You can read the full details about this car in my post: The Caparo T1: An Engineer’s Dream Come True.

Keep in mind with this kind of power and rather lack of weight that its power to weight ratio is DOUBLE the Bugatti Veyron’s.

Full Size Photos

caparo_001.jpg caparo_003.jpg

On the latest episode of Top Gear, the Caparo T1 is described by Jeremy Clarkson as being possibly the scariest car ever made. With a 3.5L V8 screaming at 10,500rpm just inches from your head we tend to agree. Check out the video, it will give you a grin or two and find out for yourself why Jeremy Clarkson said “you can forget Enzo’s you can forget Koenigsegg, THIS IS IN A DIFFERENT LEAGUE!!!!”.

As seen in the Jeremy Clarkson video, this car is realistically meant for track use only and its definitely no Honda when it comes to quality. The floor came loose?? They recommend a full flame resistant body suit and helmet?? Naturally they didn’t want to get their ass-sued from Jeremy Clarkson/Top Gear/BBC in the event of a crash.

At 4:48 in this video a bug splats the top right corner of the camera!

Don’t think you’ll ever get a chance to own one, drive one or see one. This bitch costs $500,000 USD. (I am going to have to stop using $ USD and start using $ CAD because the American Dollar is worth less than my Loonie). Keep in mind it’s just a matter of time until we are all back using a GOLD Standard instead of this rediculous Fiat Currency system.


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Swarovski Covered Mercedes-Benz SL600

2008 SEMA – 41 Pictures: Gold Swarovski Mercedes SL600
2008 SEMA – 39 Pictures: Silver Swarovski Mercedes SL600

mercedes benz sl600 swarovski

Need something to protect your car? Shop for: car covers here!

Unveiled at SEMA in 2007 by DUB Magazine, this Mercedes-Benz SL600 was coated with over 200,000 Swarkovski crystals and Bavarian White Mammoth seat covers.





The after market modification were done by the custom car accessory company Garson/D.A.D to highlight their companys baller line of Mercedes accessories.

Not only did the crystals cover every square inch of the cars exterior, but were also prominent inside covering parts of the center console, door trim and even the rear view mirror.

Bling Bling.. Yes.. But Bling Bling for the wife… not you!

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2008 SEMA – 41 Pictures: Gold Swarovski Mercedes SL600
2008 SEMA – 39 Pictures: Silver Swarovski Mercedes SL600

Swarovski Covered Mercedes-Benz SL600 (Video)

[Source: WhipDaddy]

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Pagani Zonda F Does Nurburgring in 7:27:82

The Pagani Zonda F has become the new king of Nurburgring. This amazing carbon fiber lightning quick Pagani Zonda F Clubsport has taken the title from the Porsche Carrera GT as the fastest production car to lap the Nurburgring. Coming in at 7:27:82 the Pagani Zonda F beat the Carrera GT’s time of 7:28.

This Pagani Zonda F is powered by a 7.3 liter V12 engine producing a monstrous 641 horsepower.


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[Video] Gold Lamborghini LP640 World Record: 219mph!!!


A Gold 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 with 2461 miles just recently hit an LP640 world speed record at 219mph (352km/h).  It took this raging steroidal bull 4 runs (with its sideview mirrors folded back) to finally hit this new speed record.

On it’s 3rd run it overtook Zahir Rana’s Yellow Enzo Ferrari’s earlier Top Speed Run of 211 mph (339km/h).

This speed record took 4 attempts to finally hit 219mph (the bull needed the first 3 to really stretch & warm up).

1st Run – 190mph (306km/h)
2nd Run – 211mph (340km/h)
3rd Run- 214mph (344km/h)
4th Run – 219mph (352km/h)


For the full 53 photo gallery spread of this sick 2008 LP640 goto the Photo Gallery.


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Thieves Steal $500,000 Maybach 62 while Tycoon eats dinner

Maybach 62

While a Russian billionaire was dining in an upscale Moscow restaurant, thieves held up the chauffeur, bundled him into the back seat, and drove off in a $500,000 Maybach limousine.

The chauffeur was tossed out of the car before the thieves left the city, likely to unload the stolen vehicle to organized criminals outside of Russia.

The Maybach has been adopted as the ultimate status symbol by Russia’s uber-rich. There are known to be less than 20 in all of Russia. This is the first reported story of a Maybach being stolen anywhere. Some gangster in Kazakhstan is rollin’ HOVA styles tonight, sippin’ Grey Goose on the reclining plush leather seats of his new ride!

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Engineer by day, Rockstar by night


This post is in response to’s latest contest. This entry is probably an hour or too late but there is no clear cutoff time other than the sites mention of: “The finalists will be picked by November 10th and a winner will be chosen by the 15th! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!”. Well my post says November 10th, and its only 11:53pm in Lincoln, NE so maybe I can roll and take advantage of that minor technicality to get considered.

I have been partying like a ROCKSTAR since the legal age of 16 (it’s 19 in Canada but you get my drift). I have 13 solid years of experience in taking parties to the next level and am not shy when it comes to partying like a ROCKSTAR. A perfect example was this past Thurs night in Vegas; thanks again to Mr. Shoemoney for the bottles and stageside VIP, thanks to Nate, Josh, Matt and David of Unique Blog Designs for providing the stretch Hummer H2 to haul us around VEGAS all night, Entourage style. What a baller time we had. Thank god what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

If I win, I will spend all the prize money on getting stretch hummers (with 24 inch wheels like we did this week) for wherever Shoemoney’s Entourage rolls during PubCon.

We all rolled hardcore these past 3 days in Vegas for the World Blog Expo and I am extremely impressed by how well everyone kept up to my high standard of ROCKSTAR partying!!

Thanks to those who partied hard all week, here are a couple photos, more will come when I post the full write up about our VEGAS trip!!

Shoemoney and I
John Chow and I
Neil Patel and I
Nate and Danielle
Prija, Matt, Gary and Niel
Vinay, Josh, Matt
Danielle, Yellow Stretch Hummer H2
Danielle, Prija, Neil
Vinay, Matt, Nate, Josh, Black Stretch Hummer H2

Our Entourage of Rockstars which hit VEGAS in style were:
Jeremy Schoemaker, John Chow, Nate Whitehill, Josh Mullineaux, Matt Blancarte, David Bjorn, Darin Carter, MrGaryLee, Danielle,Neil Patel, Prija, Vinay Menon

It also helps to have a rockstar business partner which I am lucky to have. My business partner Vinay Menon was one of the recent contest winners on the Donald Trump blog.

Hopefully I will be chosen to represent Shoemoney’s Entourage so that we can resume the ROCKSTAR partying we started this past week, again in December!

Cheers 🙂

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This past Saturday, November 3, 2007, Vinay and I recently re-launched and were invited to demo at BarcampMontreal3 in beautiful Montreal, Quebec. This event was amazing, and by far the most professionally hosted *.camp we have attended yet! Thanks to all the sponsors for having us, everyone we talked to had an amazing time!

While there, Vinay and I had the opportunity to hang out and speak with Kareem Sultan, founder of for most of the day regarding his awesome product.


Vinay Menon, Anthony Carbone, Kareem Sultan offers an amazing product called “Memoir”, which involves your car and some amazing recording technology that doesn’t just capture the experience. It enhances it. Multiple cameras that can be mounted almost anywhere. Sound so clear you can hear your heart race! All wrapped up with their data acquisition technology in a little black box that never lies so there will never be any doubt about how fast you actually conquered any corner!


Memoir Features

You! – No simulations here. This is your car, your skill, and your real experience.
Real Footage – Two cameras mounted in almost any location on your vehicle.
Real Data – GPS – Accelerometer and vehicle data sampled at more than 5Hz.
Graphic Overlay – Actual performance data overlaid and perfectly synced to video.
DVD – Includes DVD, menu, case and a performance sheet data insert.
Online Presentation – Fastest lap video and all data available online for performance tracking, comparing and sharing.

Finally, videos of amazing cars, where the SOUND is absolutely memorizing… no wind noise, music or jibber jabber from the cockpit, just PURE AWESOME ENGINE MUSICALS..UN REAL!!!!

Check out some of the many Memoirs he has created for race enthusiasts so far!

Vehicle: Ariel Atom 2 2007
Date: September 15, 2007
Track: Autobahn Country Club North

Vehicle: Porsche 911 GT3
Date: August 30, 2007
Track: Calabogie MSP Full

Vehicle: Ferrari 360 Challenge
Date: August 5, 2007
Track: Mont-Tremblant Main

Well, only 9 more hours before Vinay and I (WhipDaddy) jump on a plane to LAS VEGAS to hit the World Blog Expo and meet up with Nate Whitehill and his entourage of .COM ROCKSTARS! SEE YOU THERE! 🙂


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