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This past Saturday, November 3, 2007, Vinay and I recently re-launched and were invited to demo at BarcampMontreal3 in beautiful Montreal, Quebec. This event was amazing, and by far the most professionally hosted *.camp we have attended yet! Thanks to all the sponsors for having us, everyone we talked to had an amazing time!

While there, Vinay and I had the opportunity to hang out and speak with Kareem Sultan, founder of for most of the day regarding his awesome product.


Vinay Menon, Anthony Carbone, Kareem Sultan offers an amazing product called “Memoir”, which involves your car and some amazing recording technology that doesn’t just capture the experience. It enhances it. Multiple cameras that can be mounted almost anywhere. Sound so clear you can hear your heart race! All wrapped up with their data acquisition technology in a little black box that never lies so there will never be any doubt about how fast you actually conquered any corner!


Memoir Features

You! – No simulations here. This is your car, your skill, and your real experience.
Real Footage – Two cameras mounted in almost any location on your vehicle.
Real Data – GPS – Accelerometer and vehicle data sampled at more than 5Hz.
Graphic Overlay – Actual performance data overlaid and perfectly synced to video.
DVD – Includes DVD, menu, case and a performance sheet data insert.
Online Presentation – Fastest lap video and all data available online for performance tracking, comparing and sharing.

Finally, videos of amazing cars, where the SOUND is absolutely memorizing… no wind noise, music or jibber jabber from the cockpit, just PURE AWESOME ENGINE MUSICALS..UN REAL!!!!

Check out some of the many Memoirs he has created for race enthusiasts so far!

Vehicle: Ariel Atom 2 2007
Date: September 15, 2007
Track: Autobahn Country Club North

Vehicle: Porsche 911 GT3
Date: August 30, 2007
Track: Calabogie MSP Full

Vehicle: Ferrari 360 Challenge
Date: August 5, 2007
Track: Mont-Tremblant Main

Well, only 9 more hours before Vinay and I (WhipDaddy) jump on a plane to LAS VEGAS to hit the World Blog Expo and meet up with Nate Whitehill and his entourage of .COM ROCKSTARS! SEE YOU THERE! 🙂


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