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[Video] Mazda Furai Concept Car – Rotary Music


Mazda Furai concept car in action and Franz Von Holzhausen, Mazda’s North American director of design, at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.


Listen to that bloody engine scream, must sound ridiculous in the cockpit. Listen closely when Franz lets off the throttle, you can almost hear some Tie-Fighter type sounds as the engine winds down a bit.


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NAIAS 2008 TRIP …Part 3


Day 3 …Long day of shooting

I wont plague you guys with such a play by play with times this scenario around…there werent any press releases on the day so we basically did our own thing!

The night before at around 2AM the StreetConcept guys show up to our hotel room and party with us for abit and snag our photos from the days shoot so that they can up oad them ASAP!!!

We had decided that night before hand that we would sleep in the next morning instead of showing up mad early again because of the lack of IMPORTANT press shows…

Our wake time is around 1030 AM…there is no more free breakfast left downstairs at the hotel so we decide to head over to the event and have breakfast there…

We get there at around 11:15 AM and ALLLLLLL the parking is taken up already…were talking…..i dont even know how much it is..but its alot…we are directed to drive down a few blocks to find public garage to park…this works out to the extent that we have to drive up 8 full floor to find a spot…!!!

We enter the COBO center and head towards Audi for breakfast…it is PACKED..then off to VW…same thing…then we say screw it…off to BMW as we did the day before!!!!

BMW did not dissapoint…once again we fill our stomacs with the most baller of baller foods same as the previous day!

We really did walk into today in saying that we were going to hit EVERY venue and shoot EVERY car…but after about 30 mins just at AUDI…things kind of fissled into us shooting the most important cars and brands…going to Dodge I only shot the new RAM 1500 and Avenger STORMTROOPER edition…same thing at Honda…only the S200 and new Accord Coupe fit the bill!!!

Bentley, Mitsubishi and Lamborghini were my fav venues to shoot today…

Bentley was well…BENTLEY…posh, gracious and glorious!

Mitsubishi had a huge variety of models out today that they didnt the day before because of the press space that was reserved for the unveilings of the concpets.

Lambo was a HUGEEEEEEEE good time…we shot some great angles and i helped Stephan out with some double flash action with the Lambo babe models.

We spent an impossible amount of time over at the Maserati venue…first off Stephan knew Jason Caspriotto who was is the head designer behind the Maserati Birdcage concept as well as the Ferrari 599 GTB, going on from that he was standing and chatting it up with the creator of the McLaren F1, Peter Stevens!!! I was quite the impressed at this point..the shear fact that i was in the presence of such AMAZING and creative people blew me away…we then proceeded to shoot the Maserati girls for good 40 minutes…we did this because there was a rumor that Funk Master Flex was on his way to that booth…he never showed while we were there…..he did end up showing up but only after we left…Danny from StreetConcepts found him over at AUDI and got a few pics with him!!!!….JEALOUS I WAS!!!!

Alot of random shooting went down..we headed towards the venues we didnt pay much attention to the day before..we needed to fill up the missing shots we didnt have…Nissan, with the GTR…MINI with the new MINI Cooper S, Lexus, Ford, Hummer, Cadillac and BMW where others that we focused on shooting during the hours we had until we would get kicked out.

Today other notible spots of important people included the creator of Fisker…Henrik Fisker…….Steve Saleen was spotted by Stephan…Rich got an interview with the head chief engineer of the R8 V12 TDI, while we stood by took shots and listened to the great convo that almost went no where because he was HARD german and couldnt really understand the questions Rich asked him!

We came across a guy who worked for Mercedes in the late afternoon as a photog and was using a full format according cam with a digital back with a 15 thousand dollar price tag..ya some NUTSO SHIT!!!!

Day ended by us just getting fed up because we basically shot everything we could shoot and well..all the venues were closing down meaning no more free food and drinks…we decided to call up the StreetConcpet dudes and hit up the Olive Garden for supper!!!

Long story short…Olive garden was HORRIBLE service but they forgot to charge me for my beer so it wasnt so bad in the end…we all came back to the hotel to drink abit and upload photos…

 Fourth and Final Part TOMOROW!!!

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NAIAS 2008 TRIP…Part 2


Day 2 …Manufacturer Shows

6:30 AM BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ…thats the sound of Stephans alarm waking our sorry asses up!

7:00 AM We all meet downstairs in the Marriots breakfast room…sausages, french toast, fruit loops, eggs, all kinds of muffins and scons hash browns basically anything you can think of for a breakfast of champions before a full 12 hours day shooting and attending press releases of some of the BEST CARS in the world!!!

8:00 AM We leave the MARRIOT direction COBO Center in downtown DETROIT!!!

8:20 AM Arrive at the COBO center, stand in line to get our press kits and passes… the main floor opens at 9:00 AM, so we hit the lower levels to check out some of the lesser manufacturer expostions, such as some Blinged out Rolls Royce Phantom rollin on 28s at the DUB section and the imfamous modded to the tits 1 000 000$ R class Mercedes….YUCK btw!…We also came across the actual SPEED RACER movie car from the upcoming feature film with Emile Hersh and Christina Ricci starring as lead roles!

9:00 AM We are in a mass line on our way onto the main floor….a security dogs a plenty there are sniffing if we have bombs and other MATERIALS of illegalities.
9:15 AM to 10:00 AM We walk around the Main floor checking out all the venues taking in the whole show for what it gloriously has to offer before we have to head over to the main stadium for the FORD press release. The show revealed the new Ford F-150 a jumble of new Mustang models including the KITT model for the new one off TV series coming out this sumer and the Ford Explorer AMERICA concept. Toby Keith was the main presenters for the new F-150…i dont really know who he is…but aparently hes a HUGE COUNTRY music star…he also aparently has 7 BRAND new F-150s on his ranch in texas…cough cough…PRODUCT placement gallore!

10:45 AM The show ends and the media swarms to the lower bowl of the of auditoium to speak with the presenters and to take close up shots of the new models and concepts presented during the show…i SLOWLY make my way down…these cars werent that cool….! its FORD! lol

11:00 AM We head out of the main auditorium back to the main floor, we go to the Lamborghini section to snap a few shots then off to Mercedes to try and sit in the new SLR Roadster, i wasnt able to at first cuz the guy guarding it was paranoid for some reason…no worries i got in it latter on in the day!

11:25 AM We all head over to the GM section for there presentation of their new models and concepts! COOL THING!!! The new HUMMER HX..think the H2 and the SUV in the HALO video game spliced together…ya its WICKED NUTS!!!!!…I skip out on the show after was lame and the new Corvette ZR1 display was calling my name..also that was our meeting point once the show was over…I get there and i see that the crew is there filming a segment, i speak to them briefly then my crew shows up and we head out to find us some food!

11:45 AM At first we hit up Mazda because we assumed theyd have sushi like they did last year…alas we were wrong…so we gave BMW a try which was deffanetly the right choice!!! They served us roast beef, with stir fry shitaky mushrooms, filet of fish and a light vegetable and pasta salad along with some amazing small strawberry cream tartelettes!!!

12:30 PM to 1:30 PM ALOT of random shoting going on…we hit up BENTLEY were we learn how they apply the leather on the steering wheels by the leather smith that was at the venue…he spoke with us about how that only 19 Arnages are made every week as aposed to 190 Continental Gts which goes hand in hand with what kind of wood they use for each car… we all get turns testing out the comfort that the 2009 Bentley GT SPEED, 2008 FLying Spur and 2008 Azure all have to offer…the SPEED is deff that most BALLER!!! Heading back over to Mercedes i finally get a try at the SLR ROADSTER!!!! you guys have no idea how ridiculous this car is….deff a car of DREAMS!!! Random visit to Ferrari booth for a mini shoot with one of the models and the new 2008 F430 Scuderia was done before gettin our asses over the AUDI section for the unveiling of the 2009 R8 V12 TDI Concept as well as the new gen A4 and TT-S.

2:20 PM…The show starts and well the AUDI TEAM main photog is in our way for a many a damn shot…!!!!! We manage to deal with it and pull out some CRAZYstuff during the half hour show they put on for us…OUT of no where right before the TT-S is unveild we are treated…or rather surprised to have a free show by none other then BRIAN ADAMS!!! yes…that canuck we love to hate! lol only thing that looks good on you is me…ya HIM!!!! lol anyways…show ends and we rush the floor to get some engine shts of the V12 Concept and the other two new models…after our 15 min struggle to get through the masses we hit the AUDI VIP lounge and knock back a few on the house brews as well as indulge in some fresh cantalope slices with cream puff pies and dark chocolat tarts!

4:00 PM Alot of shooting was done on the and there we went…stops at Rolls Royce to Kia were done…the New Drop head Coupe Phantom is deff somthing to behold!!! suicide doors…YES!!!! umbrellas in the doors…YES…..500,000$ ah YES!!!!!!

5:15 PM Rolls around and we are down front and center for the Mitsubishi unveilings of the 2009 Lancer RALLI ART edition Lancer as well as the RA Concept based on the Eclipes and the EVO 10…its quite the looker!!!

5:40 PM We quickly run over to LAND ROVER area to see the unveiling of the new LRX concept…there only second concept EVER!!!…the show was quite boring after it was shown and we walked up to the VOLVO VIP lounge to have a few drinks and relax. 

7:30 PM We are stretching our welcome…the show officialy finished at 6 PM but you can walk around and snap some shots becuase everyone leaves anyways…we head back over to Lamborghini becaus it wa very packed before and now we had the whole area to ourselves to snap a GREAT shot of the 3 cars on display…there was a 2008 Murcielago LP640 Coupe on the far right in a light baby blue, in the middle was a 2008 Gallardo Spyder in the same color the Reventon was in…and to the far left was a 2008 Murcielago LP640 Roadster in the same baby blue color…we were told ever so nicely to finally leave becuase a private party was about to commence. We then went to go grab some supper and then came back to the Marriot to settle back in, upload the pics and get some well deserved rest!

 Part 3 TOMOROW!!!

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[Video] 2008 RUF 2008 Porsche Lineup


RUF Automobile GmbH is a producer of high-performance vehicles, specializing in manufacturing new RUF automobiles from the bare chassis, conversions to RUF specification and the performance enhancement / refinement of Porsche cars.


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[Video] HiDef Nissan GT-R Test Drive


Ridiculous video below,check out the center display on the dash!!!
Thanks to the awesome guys over at to quench our GT-R thirst!



Check out last weeks First Nissan GT-R test drive video: Nissan GT-R Video


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NAIAS 2008 TRIP…Part 1


Hey guys…This is my first blog on Carzi and wanted it be something big enough, so its going to be a 4 part series about my trip to Detroit for NAIAS Press days from January 13th to the 15th. I attended this event with a few notible people…

Stephan Bauer : Photog Supreme

Richard Owen : Owner of

Julien Contant : Photog for

Danny B : Owner of

Nigel Aming : Photog for

Myself : Shooting for as well!!!

DAY 1…Montreal to Detroit!!!

Wake up time…530 AM

I had done nothing the night before in regard of packing or getting organised…procrastination supreme YES YES YES!

I get my laundry in at 6:00 AM after a short 30 min facebook session…

6:30 AM I eat a toast that is less then apetizing because i am so anxious to get on the road!!!

7:00 AM get on the computer again and make a great mix CD for the road…tracks include Bright Eyes – Devils town and Alexi Murdoch – This song for you! ya ya im in a low key mood these days..DEAL with it!

8:00 AM go wake up my brother because he was going to come with me to the bank to get some US buck dollars!

8:30 AM leaving the bank to head back home so that Stephan can pick me up and we get on our way…

9:00 AM Stephan picks me up we then make our way to his place to once again be picked up be Julien to really get on our way to the U S of A!!!

9:45 AM Julien is early and our asses are on the road!!!

10:42 AM We stop at some ghetto truck place in Ontario to get some food…there is a Tim Hotons that looks like hell and a KFC that id never eat at…not even with the drunk munchies…we decide to find a Mc Donalds instead!!!

11:15 AM We find a Mc Ds and it is GLORIOUSLY the best thing!!!

11:50 AM We are in the back seat Stephan and I and we watch episodes of Top Gear to get us in the CAR mood!

12:45 PM We both pass out for about 2 hours…!

3:00 PM We hit TORONTO….

3:30 PM Sleep Falls upon us again…Stephan and I our out cold till 44 KM from Windsor

6:30 PM WINDSOR!!!

6:47 PM We spot a FERRARI ENZO in line waiting to cross the boarder!!!! YA I KNOW MASSIVE RANDOM!!! IIRC the owner is from Windsor, and is a CEO of a large steel manufacturing company. (And his last name begins with ‘Z’)

7:15 PM We are told to pull over after crossing the boarder and to step out of the vehicle….

7:30 PM I does not have a birth cirtificate….we are questioned for 2 hours………..we finally get thru…SCREW you boarder mofkers….I got in! lol

8:30 PM We Arrive at Detroit airport to pick up Richard Owen…and our savior as to where we are to sleep at night!

9:15 PM We are aimlessly searching how to get to our hotel…directions are tuff…Detroit is GHETTO!

9:45 PM We cross 8 MILE….and discover a TIM HORTONS on it! lol

10:00 PM Arrive at the hotel…unload…settle in….decided to go buy a 30 pack of Busch beer and order pizza!!!!

12:45 AM I is le mad tipsy and hits the bed!

Part 2 TOMOROW!!!

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Analysing Michael Schumacher’s Driving Style

A quick data analysis video using data recordings from the throttle, brake and steering controls used to demonstrate Michael Schumacher’s driving style vs. teammate Johnny Herbert. Data obtained from a British Grand Prix qualifying lap.

[Source: StumbleUpon,]

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[Videos] Audi R8 Stock Exhaust VS EDO Competition Exhaust


Listen to the Difference: Audi R8 Stock Exhaust VS EDO Competition Exhaust

Top Gear: Audi R8 VS Porsche 911 GT3

Audi R8 (driven by Sabine Schmitz – check out the hardware on her wrist!)

Porsche 911 GT3 (driven by The Stig)


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Bullrun Rally Live 2008 – Route Announced


This announcement was just released at 12pm January 24, 2008

It’s here, Bullrun 2008…are you ready?

The ‘Most Glamourous Rally in the World’ returns – 5 years, 7 rallies and counting!

WHEN: 20th June – 27th June 2008

WHERE: Calgary, Canada – Phoenix, USA


Another 8 nights and 7 days of the finest driving and partying will be a fitting celebration for Bullruns’ 5th year and now 7th rally. Are you tough enough?

Bullrun 2008 will, without doubt, include the best driving roads yet witnessed, some amazing hotels and resorts and of course more of the planned and unplanned mayhem usually associated with the run.

As always, COMPLETE details of the event will remain a secret.

Highlights of the ’08 Rally will include, a spectacular startline event, closed course challenges by the Hollywood stunt team that brought you the Bullrun show on MTV Spike, race track events, exclusive parties and as always an unbelievable selection of roads with some of the most stunning scenery in the USA.

Last Years 2007 Bullrun Event Photos taken by , Josh McRae, Vinay and Myself

2007 Bullrun PhotoSet 1


2007 Bullrun PhotoSet 2


2007 Bullrun PhotoSet 3


2007 Bullrun PhotoSet 4


FYI: has submitted a request to participate in The 2008 Bullrun Rally Live, stay tuned to see if Vinay and I get accepted!

UPDATE: JAN 25, 2008

accepted.jpg is proud to announce we will be entering the 2008 BullRun this June.

BOOO YAH! How sweet is that?? It is SUPER SWEET!!

This is another major milestone in the on-going success of and one more item that Vinay and I can check off on our list of goals accomplished!

We will now organize the sponsorship to cover the significant costs and also to make our car look BullRun authentic!

We will be modifying and optimizing Vinay’s Mustang Cobra in the spring for the 3000 mile road trip along side Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsche Turbos.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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