NAIAS 2008 TRIP…Part 1


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Hey guys…This is my first blog on Carzi and wanted it be something big enough, so its going to be a 4 part series about my trip to Detroit for NAIAS Press days from January 13th to the 15th. I attended this event with a few notible people…

Stephan Bauer : Photog Supreme

Richard Owen : Owner of

Julien Contant : Photog for

Danny B : Owner of

Nigel Aming : Photog for

Myself : Shooting for as well!!!

DAY 1…Montreal to Detroit!!!

Wake up time…530 AM

I had done nothing the night before in regard of packing or getting organised…procrastination supreme YES YES YES!

I get my laundry in at 6:00 AM after a short 30 min facebook session…

6:30 AM I eat a toast that is less then apetizing because i am so anxious to get on the road!!!

7:00 AM get on the computer again and make a great mix CD for the road…tracks include Bright Eyes – Devils town and Alexi Murdoch – This song for you! ya ya im in a low key mood these days..DEAL with it!

8:00 AM go wake up my brother because he was going to come with me to the bank to get some US buck dollars!

8:30 AM leaving the bank to head back home so that Stephan can pick me up and we get on our way…

9:00 AM Stephan picks me up we then make our way to his place to once again be picked up be Julien to really get on our way to the U S of A!!!

9:45 AM Julien is early and our asses are on the road!!!

10:42 AM We stop at some ghetto truck place in Ontario to get some food…there is a Tim Hotons that looks like hell and a KFC that id never eat at…not even with the drunk munchies…we decide to find a Mc Donalds instead!!!

11:15 AM We find a Mc Ds and it is GLORIOUSLY the best thing!!!

11:50 AM We are in the back seat Stephan and I and we watch episodes of Top Gear to get us in the CAR mood!

12:45 PM We both pass out for about 2 hours…!

3:00 PM We hit TORONTO….

3:30 PM Sleep Falls upon us again…Stephan and I our out cold till 44 KM from Windsor

6:30 PM WINDSOR!!!

6:47 PM We spot a FERRARI ENZO in line waiting to cross the boarder!!!! YA I KNOW MASSIVE RANDOM!!! IIRC the owner is from Windsor, and is a CEO of a large steel manufacturing company. (And his last name begins with ‘Z’)

7:15 PM We are told to pull over after crossing the boarder and to step out of the vehicle….

7:30 PM I does not have a birth cirtificate….we are questioned for 2 hours………..we finally get thru…SCREW you boarder mofkers….I got in! lol

8:30 PM We Arrive at Detroit airport to pick up Richard Owen…and our savior as to where we are to sleep at night!

9:15 PM We are aimlessly searching how to get to our hotel…directions are tuff…Detroit is GHETTO!

9:45 PM We cross 8 MILE….and discover a TIM HORTONS on it! lol

10:00 PM Arrive at the hotel…unload…settle in….decided to go buy a 30 pack of Busch beer and order pizza!!!!

12:45 AM I is le mad tipsy and hits the bed!

Part 2 TOMOROW!!!

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2 Responses to “NAIAS 2008 TRIP…Part 1”

  1. Anthony Carbone said on January 28th, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    Josh, welcome to! We are all looking forward to your upcoming posts in 2008!

    I know that Tim Hortons on 8-Mile, I know the warm fuzzy feeling when you find one in the U.S.A. !



  2. Vinay said on February 1st, 2008 at 5:54 am

    Josh, Really like your writing style…Very readable.