NAIAS 2008 TRIP …Part 3


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Day 3 …Long day of shooting

I wont plague you guys with such a play by play with times this scenario around…there werent any press releases on the day so we basically did our own thing!

The night before at around 2AM the StreetConcept guys show up to our hotel room and party with us for abit and snag our photos from the days shoot so that they can up oad them ASAP!!!

We had decided that night before hand that we would sleep in the next morning instead of showing up mad early again because of the lack of IMPORTANT press shows…

Our wake time is around 1030 AM…there is no more free breakfast left downstairs at the hotel so we decide to head over to the event and have breakfast there…

We get there at around 11:15 AM and ALLLLLLL the parking is taken up already…were talking…..i dont even know how much it is..but its alot…we are directed to drive down a few blocks to find public garage to park…this works out to the extent that we have to drive up 8 full floor to find a spot…!!!

We enter the COBO center and head towards Audi for breakfast…it is PACKED..then off to VW…same thing…then we say screw it…off to BMW as we did the day before!!!!

BMW did not dissapoint…once again we fill our stomacs with the most baller of baller foods same as the previous day!

We really did walk into today in saying that we were going to hit EVERY venue and shoot EVERY car…but after about 30 mins just at AUDI…things kind of fissled into us shooting the most important cars and brands…going to Dodge I only shot the new RAM 1500 and Avenger STORMTROOPER edition…same thing at Honda…only the S200 and new Accord Coupe fit the bill!!!

Bentley, Mitsubishi and Lamborghini were my fav venues to shoot today…

Bentley was well…BENTLEY…posh, gracious and glorious!

Mitsubishi had a huge variety of models out today that they didnt the day before because of the press space that was reserved for the unveilings of the concpets.

Lambo was a HUGEEEEEEEE good time…we shot some great angles and i helped Stephan out with some double flash action with the Lambo babe models.

We spent an impossible amount of time over at the Maserati venue…first off Stephan knew Jason Caspriotto who was is the head designer behind the Maserati Birdcage concept as well as the Ferrari 599 GTB, going on from that he was standing and chatting it up with the creator of the McLaren F1, Peter Stevens!!! I was quite the impressed at this point..the shear fact that i was in the presence of such AMAZING and creative people blew me away…we then proceeded to shoot the Maserati girls for good 40 minutes…we did this because there was a rumor that Funk Master Flex was on his way to that booth…he never showed while we were there…..he did end up showing up but only after we left…Danny from StreetConcepts found him over at AUDI and got a few pics with him!!!!….JEALOUS I WAS!!!!

Alot of random shooting went down..we headed towards the venues we didnt pay much attention to the day before..we needed to fill up the missing shots we didnt have…Nissan, with the GTR…MINI with the new MINI Cooper S, Lexus, Ford, Hummer, Cadillac and BMW where others that we focused on shooting during the hours we had until we would get kicked out.

Today other notible spots of important people included the creator of Fisker…Henrik Fisker…….Steve Saleen was spotted by Stephan…Rich got an interview with the head chief engineer of the R8 V12 TDI, while we stood by took shots and listened to the great convo that almost went no where because he was HARD german and couldnt really understand the questions Rich asked him!

We came across a guy who worked for Mercedes in the late afternoon as a photog and was using a full format according cam with a digital back with a 15 thousand dollar price tag..ya some NUTSO SHIT!!!!

Day ended by us just getting fed up because we basically shot everything we could shoot and well..all the venues were closing down meaning no more free food and drinks…we decided to call up the StreetConcpet dudes and hit up the Olive Garden for supper!!!

Long story short…Olive garden was HORRIBLE service but they forgot to charge me for my beer so it wasnt so bad in the end…we all came back to the hotel to drink abit and upload photos…

 Fourth and Final Part TOMOROW!!!

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