NAIAS 2008 TRIP …Part 4


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Day 4 “… A sad goodbye!!!

Last day in Detroit and we wanted to make it special!

We got most of all our shooting done on the first two press days and the last day was ment for a relax chill and FUN ass time…We decided to wake up extra early and get there in time for the AUDI breakfast…it was yes..SPECTACULAR…we ended up not doing any shooting until after lunch!

We stayed at the Audi booth for over and hour and a half sipping on yes…CHAMPAGNE!!!! i just and still dont get how crazy this whole thing is set up…blows the mind…

After a hearty lunch and breakfast in us we went over to Ferrari for a mini photo shoot with the Ferrari girls, then after that same situation onto the Maserati and Lambo girls…Stephan and Rich went nuts going DOUBLE flash the whole time and i had to try and keep up with my lack lustre mini stock flash!!!
I still mamanged to kick out a few good shots…but ya…nothing to the cliber of Steve and Rich.
The rest of the day was ment for going around and just getting some shots we missed or wanted to get better shots of…i headed over to MINI since i hadnt even been to that booth and get some shots for a girlio that i quite enjoy gettin those kinds of shots for…
Alot of the concpet cars had been placed differently today and made for a great oportunity to get diff angles and other scenarios.

We went to the lower floor for the first time since day one to get some shots of the RANDOM asian manufacturers that were somewhat stowed away down there…we came across a booth wich had on display 3 ARCADE style stations with Gran Turismo 4 on it…the set up was WICKED SICK!!! racing seats and steering wheel set up that movved and shook while playing…we ended up there for lets say longer then one minute!

It turned to 3:30 PM quicker then expected and we had to get our asses on the road if we were to make it back to montreal at a decent time…9 hours later I found myself sitting at my desk writing up this review which im only publishing now..2 weeks later!
All in all, the trip was really an ULTIMATE experience that was not even close to what i expected it would be like…meeting new people of grand importance, being there for WORLD premieres of some the most desired cars on the planet and just beeing with GREAT company!

Cheers cheers everyone! I do hope you all enjoyed reading these posts!

Joshua McRae

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One Response to “NAIAS 2008 TRIP …Part 4”

  1. GregR1 said on February 3rd, 2008 at 10:18 am

    Dude, that first photo is a money shot, very nice capture!