Knight Rider Returns this Sunday


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Knight Rider
Everyone’s favourite talking car from the 80s returns to television with the premiere of the new Knight Rider sequel this Sunday. Although we are very skeptical if the 2008 Knight Rider show, now featuring a Mustang GT500KR, will come close to the Hoff’s classic, it should make for some entertaining TV viewing. David Hasselhoff cameos as the new Michael’s Dad, and Val Kilmer voices the new K.I.T.T.

As a fan of the original, I am not thrilled with a few things about the sequel. The main character comes across more as vaguely ditzy, rather than an intelligent super sleuth, and what really irks me is they keep switching the cars, between a stock looking Cobra, and a very tacky Need for Speed version with a ridiculous double wing, fake side scoops, and other plasticky add-ons. Fake scoops???? I thought it’s supposed to be a supercar!! If the audience is supposed to believe that Knight Rider needs to sprout Fast and Furious spoilers to get into ‘attack mode’ then I dont expect the rest of the plot to be any better.

In any case If you were a Knight Rider fan, here are some promos and media coverage of the new show to get you in the mood. The second last video is the opening sequence of the original show which debuted in September 1983, featuring the world famous Knight Rider theme. The last video features a ‘dancer’ from America’s Got Talent. Enjoy…

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3 Responses to “Knight Rider Returns this Sunday”

  1. Anthony Carbone said on February 16th, 2008 at 8:29 am

    Dude, this is super FREAKY… I was literally going to post a KITT/Knight Rider post this morning, and had just about all the same youtube vidoes listed in a word doc that you have posted!! CarZi was the first URL I checked when I got up and when I saw your post I had to double check my head and go “wait I didn’t post that yet”.. wtf..

    Anyways I am as stoked as you are for the new Knight Rider, mostly because I was obsessed with it back in the mid eighties along with the A-Team, Airwolf and the Dukes of Hazard..

    Yea I love the Super Attack Mode KITT has going on this time around but its kinda rediculous that the car itself is a POS. I am a little disappointed that they chose a MUSTANG and not a new Z06 which would have at least held the shape of the old KITT.

    Nice Post as freaky and coincidental as it was!

  2. Vinay Menon said on February 16th, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    Hehehhehheeh NICE NIIICE.
    Thats hilariouso.

    I was surprised Ford was ready to pay more than GM for such prominent product placement, but than again, that was before I saw the GM earnings release.

    They should have used the new ZR-1. But I guess Knight Rider needs back seats!

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