2008 Canadian Motorsports Expo Review


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This past weekend was the 2008 Canadian Motorsports Expo in Toronto, Ontairo which showed off all the local racing talent in southern Ontario and throughout Canada.

121 Photos – 2008 Canadian Motorsports Expo [1 of 2]
112 Photos – 2008 Canadian Motorsports Expo [2 of 2]

The highlight of this event was meeting up with Kareem Sultan, founder of RaceDV.com who Vinay and I first met back in Montreal (BarCampMontreal3 – November 2007) when we demoed MadWhips.com the day after we re-launched showcasing our brand spanking new ProductWiki.com built software platform.


RaceDV was at the event with Calabogie Motorsports promoting each other via a Lap Record Challenge PC video game they had setup there. Check out the photos, it was pretty cool and as much as I wanted to try it I couldn’t come to wait in line behind a bunch of playstation3 hungry young’ins.


In addition to catching up with Kareem during his 5 minute breathers away from the crowd, I had the opportunity to finally meet the extremely talented official Calabogie Motorsports photographer (and software developer) Cory Klinkenberg of 303 Imaging.

Nick Majors Viper Competition Coupe

dpp_0113a.JPG dpp_0114.JPG dpp_0097.JPG

See 24 photos of his viper here: Nick Majors Viper Competition Coupe Photos

UOIT Motorsports Formula SAE Team

The UOIT Motorsports team’s goal is to design, fabricate and race a scaled Formula-One-style car in the annual, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Formula SAE event in 2008.

Pretty damn cool, and as an automotive enthousiast and Engineer, I am super jealous that I never had the chance to be part of something this cool in University, because I would have been all over it!



dpp_0039.JPG dpp_0066.JPG dpp_0040.JPG

Checkout: UOIT Motorsports Homepage

Mobil1 Mopar #60

dpp_0093.JPG dpp_0096.JPG dpp_0092.JPG

Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 2008 Show Car


dpp_0023.JPG dpp_0035.JPG dpp_0024.JPG

dpp_0034.JPG dpp_0032.JPG dpp_0033.JPG

Bucking Bronco – Official Monster Truck of Bud Camp

dpp_0062.JPG dpp_0059.JPG dpp_0061.JPG

Kawartha Downs And Speedway

dpp_0087.JPG dpp_0074.JPG dpp_0078.JPG

Checkout Kawartha Downs And Speedway

Brian Graham Racing


A leading open-wheel race prep shop in Canada, Brian Graham Racing has been in operation since in 1998. Based in Barrie, Ont., Can., BGR has quickly established itself as both a race and championship winning team in the North American junior open-wheels ranks.

dpp_0050.JPG dpp_0052.JPG dpp_0051.JPG

Owned and operated by Brian Graham, a race-winning driver in his own right, the team prides itself in providing its drivers with all the tools to not only achieve his or her goals, but also exceed them. Racing in both amateur and professional racing, Brian Graham Racing has captured several championships in Canada and won numerous races in the United States.

dpp_0047.JPG dpp_0042.JPG dpp_0049.JPG

In 2007, Brian Graham captured the Ontario Formula Ford Challenge title with Kyle Marcelli, who scored three wins, nine podium finishes and nine pole positions. Ryan White captured an additional podium finish, while Ivan Graham scored two wins and six podium finishes in the Diamond Class.

Checkout: BrianGrahamRacing.com

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