2008 BMW E92 M3 – Test Drive by RawAutos.com


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Many thanks go out to Josh from RawAutos.com who recently met up with Chris Newman at Leith BMW who gave him the opportunity to test drive the new E92 M3. His review is thorough and accurate and includes some finer points and videos that have yet to be fully reviewed on the web.


“The new M3 pulls in 6th gear like most cars would pull in 2nd or 3rd. It’s an F16 fighter jet with four wheels and no wings. I was sitting, just cruising at a comfortable 70 or so mph in 6th gear when I decided to push the limits. I pushed the gas to the floor, and at 2000 RPM roughly, the car moved to 100 in nothing.”

“At one point I said to the salesman sitting next to me that the car felt like it would rip your face off and ask for seconds.”

“As soon as you hit the EDC to its full racing sensitivity, the M3 hunkers down and focuses more on the task at hand. The steering gets stiffer and the suspension tightens. The car becomes a racecar, ready to tackle the Nürburgring, and you become the driver that connects with it.”


“When driving through tight turns there is no sense that you are going to lose traction, or power for that matter. You feel like you are at one with the road.”

“The cross-drilled rotors help command the M3 to a stop better than most exotics out there.”

“No, the new M3’s interior isn’t up to the quality and standard of an Audi RS4, by no means will it ever.”

“The controls are where you would want them, and the steering controls don’t intrude on the driving/racing position of your hands at the wheel. The iDrive seems more useable in the M3 than most other cars I’ve tested.”


“I think easily the greatest part of the new M3 is its ability to drive fast and slow and still be happy doing either one. You can shift at 3-4,000 revs, and it doesn’t seem out of context. You can also shift the car at the 8300 RPM redline and you feel 100% connected to the car and it still feels natural doing that.”


2008 BMW e92 M3 Videos

M3 Exhaust

M3 Interior

M3 Walk Around

M3 Post Test Drive Video

View Josh’s Entire Review: Test Drive: BMW E92 M3

Thanks for the great review and I must admit I also find those M3 stampings under the hood a slick little addition!

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[Source: RawAutos.com, BMWblog.com]

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