IMSA Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (MEDIA PICS!!)


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German tuning shop Imsa released a set of technological enhancements and design improvements for the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 late last year. They recently published photos to feed the masses. To some, the stock version of the 640hp supercar wasn’t advanced enough, Imsa has created a set of features designed to perfect engine tuning and reduce drag.

9080312008mini7l.jpg 9080312008mini13l.jpg 9080312008mini12l.jpg

A follow-up to their GTV Supercar, the Imsa LP640 uses the same central locking sports wheels, individually tuned chassis, and engine mods as the GTV. Purchasers of the freshened-up Murcielago will get an Autoklav-moulded carbon fibre design package that can keep the material’s original look or be custom painted.

9080312008mini14l.jpg 9080312008mini5l.jpg 9080312008mini11l.jpg

New exterior pieces include wider wheel arches, a new front spoiler, and Imsa CFK air ducts meant to reduce drag at incredibly high speeds. Side-skirts direct underside airflow into a new diffuser, which works with a custom rear spoiler to further improve aerodynamics.

9080312008mini17l.jpg 9080312008mini2l.jpg

With the lowered downforce, Imsa claims the driver gets better “stability, safety and enjoyment.”

The tuning kit is currently available, and can also be purchased for the standard Murcielago.


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