Blackberry 9000 – The Evolution of Perfection


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This news just hit the web this morning, and while it has no direct relationship to cars, it does however fit into the gadget and technology area. Being a blackberry evangelist myself (still have the 7250 for another couple weeks) I feel the urge to promote the sickest of smartphones built by a Canadian company Research in Motion.

I present to you, the Blackberry 9000, FINALLY with WiFi BABY!

The first thought on my minds when I saw the BlackBerry 9000 was, “that’s it?” RIM’s been taking on increasingly sharp competition as of late — even in its traditional corporate strongholds — and we’d expected and hoped to see something less evolutionary and more revolutionary from these Engineers. The phone’s lines seem flow really well without losing its purpose-suited stance exuded by the 8300s, 8700s, and 8800s. The real kicker, though, might be the beautiful user interface, which has been totally revamped from the ground up; gone is the cartoonish look and feel of the current lineup, replaced with a modern, warm theme with wireframe icons and slick animations. Another big win: as Vodafone’s slide deck mentioned, the 9000 features both WiFi and HSDPA, confirmed by this particular example’s info display. Too little, too late — or is this thing a genuine threat in the marketplace this year? Check out the video of the hot new user interface in action!

blackberry-9000-itw-03.jpg blackberry-9000-itw-02.jpg blackberry-9000-itw-04.jpg

BlackBerry 9000 UI from Engadget on Vimeo.


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