Nissan GT-R Spec V – Faster than PAGANI ZONDA F?


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The prototype example of Nissan’s new GT-R Spec V has been dazzling observers of its Nurburgring testing of late, reportedly turning in lap times of an almost unbelievable 7:25. If correct, those numbers would make the V Spec substantially faster than the ultra hardcore Pagani Zonda F Clubsport, which set a production car record last October with a lap time of just under 7:28.

The amazingly quick lap times become a bit more believable when you consider that even the standard Nissan GT-R was able to reel off lap times in the 7:38 range.

The Spec V is said to be making extensive use of weight-saving materials like carbon fiber, dropping its curb weight by a reported 330 pounds or more. Couple that savings with the addition of 70 more horsepower or so and”…wham! A new King of the Ring could be arriving shortly!!


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