Lamborghini Gallardo Chopper And Trailer


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Recently spotted in Miami Beach – Lamborghini Gallardo carrying a yellow Lambo badged chopper in a custom trailer!!!

This customized trailer, holds a chopper with matching yellow Lambo paint, Lamborghini badges painted on the gas tank and embossed on the leather seat.

I wonder if Lamborghini is cool with people putting badges on their homemade Choppers? We all know Ferrari was less than impressed and ordered the Ferrari 360 Stretch Limousine to remove the Ferrari badges from it..

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One Response to “Lamborghini Gallardo Chopper And Trailer”

  1. marketing companies raleigh said on May 16th, 2008 at 12:25 am

    does he just have sudden urges to ride his bike when he cant get enough adrenaline or attention form the car?