2008 Mont Tremblant Track Days!!!


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What a wonderful morning Saturday May 10th 2008 was!!! Stephan Bauer, Frederic Freudi and I all decided to take a trip up to Mont-Tremblant which is in the Province of Quebec in Canada; we live in Montreal which is only about 2 hours away!

The Track for those who don`t know, is run and owned by Lawrence Stroll who also owns many other big enterprises for one Ferrari of Quebec. He Purchased the track back in 2001 and since then has completely refurbished it and has made it a HOT attraction for many events including the annual Quebec Ferrari Festival and most recently one of the two Canadian dates on the CART circuit last year…

That said, we knew that on Saturdays when there are no IMMENSELY important events going on down there the OFFICIAL MONT TREMBLANT TRACKING CLUB is present without fail…We arrived to find Lawrence Stroll even there tracking his F430 Challenge car along with a great mix of other exotics such as two 997 GT3 RS`s and my favorite a Black Mercedes Mac SLR!!! BTW…

Thanks to Frederic Freudi we rode up in style in a BRIGHT YELLOW S4…that thing PULLS!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the pics everyone!!!

[Source: Rush 109]

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