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With an simple and easy to remember domain name like Insurance Specialists, one would expect the site to be an insurance company specializing in many types of policies.

Insurance Specialists specialize in providing lower insurance rates for Medical Insurance, Auto Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance and Life Insurance!
Their sites design is clean, clear and informative and offers readers up to date Insurance News and Insurance Articles.
Insurance Specialists also provide free insurance quotes in minutes online as well as advice on all types of policies.

Even if you currently have insurance, you can save money by comparing your current policy with many of the insurers who have lower rates. With a little shopping, you can save hundreds over your current policy. Learn by reading their helpful hints on how to qualify for even lower rates than you thought possible.

This site has a really nice and simple to use online Insurance Rate quoting application!

You start the process by clicking their big yellow button below, and enter in some very minor questions regarding your home/auto/life policy information.

For this example I am going to examine their AUTO INSURANCE comparisons application.

The only design issue I would recommend they address would be changing the “what’s this?” help text box which expand to explain what it is you are selecting or choosing.

For example (see screenshot above) the “Medical Payments” reads “this coverage pays for the treatment of injuries to you and your passengers after an accident”, ok so these are weekly? monthly? yearly? Amounts? Maybe it should be labeled as “Medical Payment” as I am assuming that is the total payout if you were seriously injured.

Before submitting you get to are given a quick summary of all your selections which you can then edit if you would like.

As you can see this quoting application form is simple and takes minutes to complete.

You are then shown a number of auto insurance policies which match your selection and at the end you are Wraped-Up with FREE RESOURCES to download and educate yourself.

This site seems to be an excellent way of comparing insurance quotes!

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