Mosler MT900 GTR XX European Model


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mosler mt900 GTR XX

Mosler Celebrates 20th Anniversary with MT900 GTR XX European Model!

mosler mt900 gtr xx european model

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Mosler is building a brand spanking new MT900 GTR XX European model. Back in 2006 in support of the their Le Mans entry, Mosler’s German importer, Mosler Deustchland, developed a European road car based on the English built MT900 R, called the MT900 GTR. This latest ultra light weight version of the GTR receives the added designation of two roman numerals, XX, for their 20th anniversary.

Currently undergoing dynamic testing at Homestead Raceway in Miami, Florida, the GTR XX monocoque is constructed of advanced composite carbon fiber and Kevlar and weighs 1102 kg (2429 lbs.) with all fluids, air condition, electric windows and audio system. With the use of MOVIT ceramic brakes, KW suspension and carbon Recaro seats, Mosler Germany hopes to get the weight down to 1,050 – 1,060 kg (2314 – 2336 lbs.).

Suspension is state-of-the-art with chromoly double-wishbone upper and lower control arms, adjustable coil-over shocks and adjustable blade anti-roll bars, which help the MT900 GTR XX achieve 1.1g capability on street tires.

Powertrain remains the same as the GTR with the 600 hp 7.0-liter LS7 Corvette V8 and 6 speed Getrag transaxle. No performance specs are offered yet, but for comparisson sake, the normal GTR slices the 100 km/h trap in 3.1 seconds and tops out at 340 km/h (211 mph).

The Mosler MT900 GTR XX will only be available in Europe 🙁


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