Gisele Bundchen Volkswagen Gol Commercial (Video)


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gisele stallone vw commercial

These action packed Volkswagen ads made their debut this past weekend in her native Brazil. The former Victoria’s Secret supermodel (Gisele Bundchen) pocketed $2.5 million while Sylvester Stallone was only paid $800,000. In the videos the Volkswagen Gol driven by Gisele who speaks in her native Portuguese to pitch the Gol, is trying to outrun helicopters, hellfire missiles and military lookingHumvees.

Video Commercial 1 – Action Packed with Hellfire Rockets & Hummers

Video Commercial 2 – Sylvester Stallone Says BOO

The commercials, were directed by Brazilian Andrucha Waddington and cost Volkswagen $5 million to make.

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