Gas Station TV Ad FAILS – Thanks Blue Screen of Death


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gas station tv ad blue screen death

I absolutely hate filling up and listening to those Gas Station TV ADS so I refuse to visit any gas station that uses them. However, tonight I made an exception because on my way home I saw gas on sale for $1.31/litre CAD (regular grade) at the Esso on the corner of my street. Yes it’s pretty sad when $1.31/litre is considered a deal (from this weeks average of about $1.36/litre). The SR-V runs on premium fuel which was pumping out at a mild $1.43/litre tonight).

Anyways, I got quite the treat upon my random yet lucky pump selection tonight (pump #7). The Gas Station TV ad was down because of a PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA Blue Screen of Death Windows error! This is probably the only occasions where I actually enjoyed seeing a Blue Screen O Death!

blue screen of death boo yah

[Source: WhipDaddy]

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4 Responses to “Gas Station TV Ad FAILS – Thanks Blue Screen of Death”

  1. Whaleman said on July 10th, 2008 at 4:27 am

    in Latvia gas price is $1.90/litre

  2. Anthony Carbone said on July 13th, 2008 at 9:59 am

    Wow, I guess then $1.30/litre is a real deal when compared internationally!

  3. Dwindle said on July 13th, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    Yeah, here in the states those things are pretty much gone. People absolutely hated them. Who want’s to watch an advertisement while they spend $80 in 5 minutes?

  4. Relentl3ss said on July 15th, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    It’s about $2.30 in the UK…