The Aston Martin One-77 Press Release Photo


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Check out the Aston Martin One-77 press release photo which was just released. Unfortunately it’s only a teaser pic of their new sexy new supercar. Whats with the cryptic name? There will only be 77 of these sexy new beasts produced.

Under the sexy all aluminum hood lies a 7.0L V12 with an unknown amount of power. 7 Litres of Aston Martin Engineering is sure to yield 0-60mph in under 3.5 seconds, with a sound that would make even the meanest Lambo growl take notice.

The Aston Martin One-77’s body will be crafted out of aluminum, while its chassis will be made completely from carbon fiber.

Aston Martin plans to have the One-77 finished by the end of 2008, with sales starting in late 2009. The One-77 is expected to carry a price tag of $2.3 Million USD.


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