Modified Nissan GT-R Axis Mesh Wheels Photos


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Apparent photos of the owner of Axis Wheels new Nissan GT-R modified with some mesh wheels. These wheels have the ability to have a pinstripe painted on part of the lip just like the EDO Competition ZR Auto Enzo Ferrari. I wonder if we will see another Bikini Test Drive video sponsored by Axis just like the Jessi Montecito Test Drives a Bentley GT Convertible. (Definitely check out the video + pics)

Full Size Axis Modified Nissan GT-R Photos

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One Response to “Modified Nissan GT-R Axis Mesh Wheels Photos”

  1. Calvin said on October 23rd, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    This car is now painted yellow, with the hood, roof, and trunk still in black, with a new spoiler and sponsor decals. It looks amazing!