Corvette ZR1 Autobahn Video


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Here is the first Corvette ZR1 in Europe (pre-production) which recently got tested on the Autobahn up to 310km/h (193mph) with little effort! After a critical fluid and tire pressure check, they fire up the 647hp Corvette ZR1 and warm the car up during their drive out of the dealership in Dusseldorf and onto the Autobahn!

Regardless if YOU think this new Amercian supercar is worthy of a “supercar title” or not, watch and LISTEN to how beautiful and fluid that engine really is.. This is American Auto Engineering at its finest… Do you think it tops the Ford GT ?

I have listened to this video without watching it a couple times just to focus on how fucking sweet that engine really sounds! Checkout the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 – The Big Picture from Automotive Engineering March 2008.

The only stereotype that I will have to disprove for myself due to past driving experiences of corvettes is that they drive like a big heavy sports car. By big and heavy I am referring to the suspensions response over bumps, corners and overall driveability. However even though it is no Dodge Viper I still equate the corvette to a large and in charge sports car.

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