Mansory Renovatio SLR – Pearl White Pics


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The 5.5L V8 SLR engine with its roaring 626hp is upgraded to 700hp thanks to a supercharger and intercooler kit Mansory replaces. As a result the Mansory Renovatio SLR is two tenths faster from zero to 100km/h than the production model, while top speed climbs to 340km/h!

Being extremely tacky means one thing for sure, there will be plenty buyers in the Middle East 🙂

The wheels seen below are one-piece turbine-wheels as seen on the Gold Mansory Renovatio with five double-spokes, 9 x 20 at the front and 11.5 x 20 at the rear. MANSORY claims that this weight reduction due to the feather light forged wheels, improves the Renovatio’s braking distance, acceleration and handling.

Checkout the GOLD Mansory Renovatio SLR

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