2009 Formula 1 Race Schedule


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With the unfortunate and recent cancellation of the 2009 Montreal F1 Race, I am left sitting pondering which race I am going to have to attend in place of going to Montreal for our annual boys only F1 weekend extravaganza.

2009 Formula 1 Schedule
29 March Australia
5 April Malaysia
19 April Bahrain
10 May Spain
24 May Monaco
7 June Turkey
21 June Great Britain
28 June France
12 July Germany
26 July Hungary
23 August Europe (Valencia)
30 August Belgium
13 September Italy
27 September Singapore
11 October Japan
18 October China
1 November Brazil
15 November Abu Dhabi

ZR AUTO Crew Cars at Ferrari of Quebec – 2008 Montreal F1

Ferrari of Quebec - Montreal F1 - ZR AUTO CREW

ZR AUTO IMSA Gallardo GTV Photos – 2008 Montreal F1
ZR AUTO Lamborghini IMSA GTV

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[Source: Formula1.com]

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  3. kris said on March 12th, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    you can download 2009 Formula 1 schedule at http://www.MySportsCal.com

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