Brand New F1 World Champion Coming Soon


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The last race of the 2008 Formula 1 season is tomorrow Nov. 2, 2008

There are only 2 drivers still in the running for the the title of Formula 1 World Champion. In Sao Paulo, tomorrow afternoon, either McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton, or Ferrari’s Felipe Massa is getting out of his racecar at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix as a Brand New F1 World Champion.

Lewis Hamilton stormed into the scene in 2007. Hamilton put on one of the best performances ever as a rookie, winning races, out-driving his 2 time World Champion teammate Fernando Alonso, and scoring 109 points in his first season. He eventually ended up missing the Championship by just 1 point.

This year, he’s going into the final race, well in the lead. His season points total is 94, versus Felipe’s 87.

Felipe Massa is the more senior F1 driver. He’s been having his best year in F1. He’s ahead of teammate Kimi Raikkonnen, who’s scored 69 points so far. Felipe scored 4 points in his first F1 season in 2002. Since then he’s moved to Ferrari, raced alongside Michael Schumacher, and scored 80 points in 2006, and 94 in 2007.

Here’s how the points work in F1. Each race earns you points based on placing:
1st – 10 points
2nd – 8 points
3rd – 6 pts
4th – 5 pts
5th – 4 pts
6th – 3 pts
7th – 2 pts
8th – 1 pts

So Here are some potential outcomes

Lewis Wins IF
Lewis 1st: 94 + 10 = 104
Felipe 2nd 87 + 8 = 95

Massa Wins IF
Felipe 1st: 87 + 10 = 97
Lewis 6th: 94 + 3 = 97

(They are both tied for number of race wins over the season before Brazil, so winner of Brazil would have won one more race.)

Lewis Wins IF
Felipe 2nd: 87 + 8 = 95
Lewis 7th: 94 + 2 = 96

Remember: Lewis Hamilton Promised McLaren LM supercar for 2008 F1 Title Win

With F1, you can never predict how things end up. Extraordinary things are known to happen all the time. But based on how far ahead Felipe has to finish, the odds favour 23 year old Lewis Hamilton to become the youngest F1 World Champion ever by wining his first (of many?) title tomorrow. Then November 2008 would be off to a great start. In the same week, the world could see the first black US president elected, as well as the first Black F1 World Champion crowned. My fingers are crossed.

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3 Responses to “Brand New F1 World Champion Coming Soon”

  1. Lewis Hamilton Fan said on November 2nd, 2008 at 9:46 am

    I hope Lewis can do it this year after coming so damn close last year – lets just hope that Alonso doesn’t push him off the track again…

  2. Vinay Menon said on November 2nd, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    Alonso is starting directly behind Hamilton, on the inside line of the track. Let’s hope Alonso isn’t able to stay close to Lewis.

  3. Formula 1 Racing said on November 23rd, 2008 at 6:54 am


    This is indeed very unpredictable.I hope Lewis Hamilton wins this time.