KTM X-BOW Winter Package Details and Pictures


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ktm x-bow winter package

When winter comes around in SNOW affected regions of the world, it is more often then not time to put away our favorite road going toys, ESPECIALLY motorcycles.

Fear not if you are the lucky owner of a KTM X-Bow, for the intuitive people over at KTM have just the solution to put your sorrows to rest. Winter tires are now offered as a package, Pirelli Sottozero snow tires to be precise along with five-bolt wheels and center locking.

ktm x-bow winter package

Icier times call for more intense measures such as homologated snow chains, how freaking bad ass is that!!!

Another aspect to consider is that the X-Bow is an open top vehicle and this posses serious problems in the winter when thinking of the wind chill factor. KTM is always thinking a step ahead and developed a full upper and lower suit to protect ones body as well as offering a newly designed Schuberth helmet.

ktm-x-bow-in-winter_1 ktm-x-bow-in-winter_3 ktm-x-bow-in-winter_4

ktm-x-bow-in-winter_7 ktm-x-bow-in-winter_5 ktm-x-bow-in-winter_8

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