Supercar Weekend 2009 Review


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Having just gotten back and over a mild case of jet lag from my first of many trips to the Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Review, (Car Pictures Here), Vinay called me up and reminded me to rest up and clear my weekend because we were going to sunny Palm Beach Florida for Supercar Weekend 2009!


This will be the first of a couple posts detailing everything that Vinay and I experienced during our surreal Supercar Weekend 2009 in Palm Beach, Florida. Although extremely short, this quick trip was by far the best weekend since the 2007 Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas!!



supercar weekend 2009

The trip started off on a pretty interesting note from the get go. On Friday January 23rd at 7pm while waiting for our flight at Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Airport, we ran into the legend Alexander Roy who was waiting for his flight back to New York. For those of you not yet familiar with Alex Roy; in 2006 his Team Polizei 144 broke the transcontinental driving record across the United States in 31 hours, 7 minutes! We spent an hour chilling, talking and watching some clips of his upcoming movie called 31 hours, 7 minutes. It is always interesting to meet someone you have read about and followed from Gumball 3000 year to year, and meeting Alex Roy was nothing short of impressive. Stay tuned for this upcoming post!


Saturday morning Vinay and I had plans to meet with John and Paula at a delicious IHop on Okeechobee Blvd about 15 minutes from Flagler Drive where Supercar Weekend was being held. For those of you who don’t yet know John, he is the founder of which by my web standards is the most authoritative, prominent and resourceful Porsche Blog on the net. Vinay and I have known John for over a year now and this was the first time meeting face to face. We spent an hour catching up and talking shop on everything from watches to Porsches to SEO to our plans for 2009. It was extremely convenient and unplanned that the IHop we ate at was right next to a Porsche Dealership! Stay tuned for this upcoming post!

vinay menon john irving anthony carbone

After breakfast Vinay and I decided that we were going to stop in at Lamborghini Palm Beach to warm up our camera lenses and get a quick Lamborghini overload before heading to Supercar Weekend 2009 on Flagler Drive. We were greeted with a red carpet the moment we introduced ourselves to Brett David (Owner), Patrick Lambert (General Manager) and Felicia Vaccaro (Marketing Coordinator).

lamborghini palm beach

As you can see by the chain of events that have brought us up to this point, Vinay and I both agreed that we had blown away all expectations for this trip completely out of the water and it was only 9am Saturday morning!! We weren’t even at the Supercar Weekend event and we were grinning ear to ear!! WICKED AWESOME clearly doesn’t accurately describe where our heads where at this point!! Stay tuned for my upcoming post which details the Lamborghini Palm Beach meet up and the rides we were given to the Supercar Weekend show. I rode in a brand spanking new white Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and Vinay in a Red Lamborghini Countach!!


As first timers at the show (going forward this will be an annual event for us) Vinay and I agreed that the Supercar Weekend 2009 was yet again another success in its 4th year!! The weather was amazing, (80+ Degrees F) the warm welcome and quick interview from John Temerian was awesome and the supercar owners were all very happy and willing to give us interviews (coming later this week).
john temerian

supercar weekend 2009

supercar weekend 2009

supercar weekend 2009

It was also a pleasure to meet up with the young entrepreneur Zach Segal (pictured below) of recently launched Zach is as much of a entrepreneurial rock star as I had postulated after only a couple conversations via email with him this year!
zach segal

To date, I have uploaded 25% of the photos I took (in no particular order) and can be found at the following URL: Supercar Weekend 2009 Pictures

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    Paula and I really enjoyed meeting you and Vinay and it looks like the rest of the day went on to be fantastic!!! Can’t wait to read the rest.

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    oh man! now i’m upset i don’t live there! it seems you guys had fun and from what i can see there were a lot of lovely cars there.

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    Alex Roy broke the record in 31 hours and 4 minutes. The movie is titled “32:07”

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