Bentley Continental Supersports Pictures & Details


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bentley continental supersports

Here is Bentley‘s most powerful production exotic car ever. It has a twin turbo 6.0L W12 engine that delivers 620hp (463kW) and torque of 590 ft-lb (800Nm) available at 1,700rpm!!! It can do the 0-60mph crawl in 3.7 seconds and averages 17.3 mpg (16.3 litres/100km).

The Bentley Continental Supersports can be fueled with petrol or the wonderfuel E85 biofuel. This marks Bentley’s first corn burning FlexFuel vehicle.

The Supersports name is borrowed and inspired from the original 1925 3.0L 2 seater car.

The Supersports AWD system is 60/40 rear biased; as it should be to provide extra fun to those who dare to fully utilize the 590 ft-lbs of torque available at 1,700rpm!

The Supersports sprints on top of light weight 20 inch, 10 spoke alloys covered in sticky Pirelli 275/35 ZR20 Ultra Performance tires. To slow your ass down (when required) it is also equipped with the largest and most powerful carbon ceramic brakes (slapped on a production car) which reduce an overall weight of 44 lb off the cars curb weight. The inside reeks of luxury with carbon fiber, diamond quilted Alcantara leather sports seats and an option 15 speaker Bentley surround sound system for those who want a soundtrack playing while they rip around balls out.

bentley continental supersports

FULL SIZE Bentley Continental Supersports Pictures
bentley continental supersports bentley continental supersports bentley continental supersports

bentley continental supersports

bentley continental supersports

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