Zenn Motor Company SHARES SOAR!


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Toronto-based Zenn Motor Company Inc. shares (ZNN) SOARED today based on new battery technology results released by one of their partner EEStor Inc in Texas. This ground breaking battery technology is key in enabling electric cars to meet minimum highway speed standards. The stock rose to a high of $5.79 CAD (up 68%) and currently up 48%.

zenn motor company electric car

ZENN, stands for Zero Emission, No Noise fully-featured electric vehicle.

The ZENN can be recharged anywhere by simply plugging into a standard electrical outlet and can be ready to go in as little as 4 hours. At only pennies per mile to operate and with minimal maintenance requirements, the ZENN is the ideal choice for consumers and businesses alike.

zenn operating cost

ZENN Motor Company Inc. is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of electric vehicles. The Company focuses on providing zero emission transportation solutions. The Company’s initial EV offering was a low speed electric vehicle called the ZENN.

zenn electric car

Zenn currently builds a 2 seat fully electric vehicle at a plant in Quebec, Canada. It has a range of 50-80km (31-50miles) and a top speed of 40km/h (25mph). It is currently not allowed on public roads in many jurisdictions due to its low speed yet can be used in low speed streets and controlled areas such as campuses and gated communities.

With this new battery technology Zenn plans to build a new highway capable vehicle called the CityZENN which is expected to have a top speed of 125km/h (78mph) and have a range of 400km (250miles) on a single charge. Initial production is late 2009 with commercial availability in 2010.

Zenn Motors also has worldwide exclusive rights to use the battery in vehicles under 1400kg (3086 lbs).

zenn electric car
zenn electric car

Texas based EEStor who manufactures the battery is a privately held low key company which was responsible for releasing the positive data with respect to it’s energy and power density results of their patented modified barium-titannate powders battery.

zenn electric car

[Source: ZennCars.com]

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3 Responses to “Zenn Motor Company SHARES SOAR!”

  1. Nick said on April 23rd, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Love it. Can’t wait for the CityZenn to become available.
    The days of the internal combustion engine are numbered and that brings a smile to my face. Everything else we use plugs into the wall, why not our cars too?

  2. Joshua McRae said on April 24th, 2009 at 1:53 am

    being as GREEN as they are, they should release a car in Verde Ithaca! 😉

  3. Uncle B said on May 26th, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Great for village life, short hops in the burbs, and probably good for downtown scooting about. Now that the mighty GM will no longer be littering our streets and roads with great hulking SUV’s we will have more people space, and less fear of annihilation by their smelly behemoths. Electric solutions to get to and from train stations and bus terminals in the rain, quick cheap safe shopping transportation, all good. Get rid of the “Great Yankee Land Cruisers” once and for all, and replace them and air travel with trains with lounge cars, complete with drinks and computer plug-ins any time you want to! The whole “personal car commute” notion was ridiculous invention of greedy real-estate agents anyway. Obama called for change – he had no idea of the avalanche of life-style changes we all need desperately, just to survive economically! I no longer want to subsidize GM, Chrysler and the like, and my job, being forced to buy a car and tie up my capital, just to get to work! It is not fair! That Capital is mine, for me to have and invest in something I want, like old-age security, of early retirement or a property in the country-side. That Capital does not belong in the pockets of UAW/CAW members! It isn’t for subsidizing GM! I want it for Me! goddamn it! Me! Gimme public transportation anytime over the raping I an taking with the current state of affairs! Then gimme a nice little electric to get to the station, no planned obsolescence, no high capital outlay, no big bills for gasoline, just cheap convenience at a fair and affordable price! To Hell with owning “Land Yachts”.