250 GTA Tickets Open For Review with POLICE


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This “review” calls into question all speeding and stunt driving tickets issued by Mahoney-Bruer in the last year and a half in the GTA (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). It is possible that the review could go back as far as 3 or 4 years.

Mahoney-Bruer, 49, was recently arrested and charged with 3 counts of breach of trust and one count of attempting to obstruct justice after an investigation by the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) Professional Standards Bureau. The 12-year member of the force is accused of using false evidence to lay charges against three drivers last month. He has been suspended with pay.

An additional 50 criminal charges – including impaired driving, dangerous driving and non-traffic related charges – in which Mahoney-Bruer was involved as an investigator, are also under review. Police say it’s unclear how old some of the charges under review could be. The OPP says a “small number” of charges have already been stayed by the Crown.

Check out the Toronto Star Article for a flavor of some of the tickets under review.

porsche 996 c4s

GTA Street Racing Map
GTA Street Racing Map

GTA Street Racing Map - Legend
Licence suspensions for street racing, September 30, 2007 to September 12, 2008, per 1,000 by postal area.

In the Greater Toronto Area, street racing seems to be centred in the area of Peel between Orangeville and Brampton, spilling over into nearby areas of York Region around Kleinburg and Woodbridge.

The one standout exception to the general pattern is M5J, the postal area that takes in the waterfront condos downtown. This is, I hope coincidentally, the neighbourhood across Yonge St. from the Toronto Star. M5J has the third-highest rate in the GTA, and (not to give away next week’s map) the fifth-highest rate in the province.

Other than M5J, there is no clear concentration in the 416 area code, other than M2L, in the Bayview and York Mills area.

One interesting thing is that this map doesn’t have very much in common with the GTA impaired driving map. Accused street racers seem concentrated in one area, mostly, while impaired drivers were spread all over the GTA with higher concentrations in more car-dependent areas.

Low-population L0L, along the 404 in Whitchurch-Stouffville, had only three suspensions during the period but is included on the map out of consistency.

[Source: TheStar.com]

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