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STIG Revealed top gear

Michael Schumacher has finally been revealed as THE STIG! well one of a couple STIG’s. Watch the opening of the first episode of the 13th season (broadcast June 21 2009) of the popular British motor show Top Gear, where THE STIG

The STIG is Top Gear’s own personal race car driver who has driven several of the best time laps recorded and incorporated into each shows race track feature.

He appeared in the studio after the STIG piloted Schumacher’s all black Ferrari FXX around the Top Gear Test Track, achieving their fastest lap time for a production car of 1:10.7.


However, at the end of the show Schumacher was shown to commit many elementary driving errors in a lap of the test track, causing Jeremy Clarkson to remark “I’m not sure if Michael Schumacher is the Stig”. This, along with Schumacher being credited as a guest star, separately from the Stig’s presenter credit, both hint towards it being an elaborate joke.

The stig top gear michael schumacher

The stig top gear michael schumacher

The stig top gear michael schumacher

Season 13 – Episode 1 – PART 1

Season 13 – Episode 1 – PART 2

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One Response to “Who is THE STIG Video”

  1. Ian said on October 29th, 2010 at 4:27 am

    It very obviously wasn’t Schumaker. In fact Ben Collins has come forth to reveal that he is The Stig.

    Further evidence at the time that is wasn’t Shuey is to look at the car being driven – a 599FXX, a car which Schumacher developed and I am willing to bet my right nut that the car driven on the show actually belongs to Micheal (belongs in the loosest sense of the word, as it is not a road car and it can only be driven with Ferrarri’s permission – it was developed as a way around the testing restrictions and budget cap imposed on F1)