Ferrari Festival Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant 2009


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******** 2009 Ferrari F430 Challenge Pictures ********

Le Circuit Mont Tremblant
Ferrari F430 Challenge 2009 Mont Tremblant

Tomorrow starts the 2009 Ferrari F430 Challenge Pictures at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant in Quebec Canada (Google Map Here). It starts on Friday July 24, 2009 with a full day of practice laps for the Ferrari F430 Challenge as well as the Ferrari Historic Challenge. Saturday July 25th is the final morning of practices before the afternoon Qualifications and first round of races. Sunday July 25th is the 2nd round of qualifications followed by the 2nd and final race of the weekend. Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant is a 2.65-mile road course with 15 turns.

This will be my 2nd consecutive year at this event and in order to do this event justice I will be arriving locked and stocked with 2 rockstar photographers Josh McRae and Stephan Bauer. That’s how rolls! Anything else would just be…. well…. like every other boring image outsourced car blog out there 😛

Last year I took over 3000+ photos which are all archived and classified on

2008 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant
2008 Ferrari F430 Challenge Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant
2008 Ferrari Festival Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant Spottings.

The Ferrari F430 Challenge is specifically designed for Ferrari owners who are not professional racers, but are looking to race purpose-built Ferrari F430 race cars while perfecting their skills in a friendly yet competitive environment.

Cars used in the F430 Challenge retain the same overall appearance and 490 horsepower engine as road-going Ferraris, while incorporating a number of significant track-oriented modifications and a host of new features not previously seen in Challenge cars.

All preparation and support is handled exclusively by authorized Ferrari dealer teams. Modifications are tightly restricted, and all engines are strictly stock and sealed to put the emphasis on driver capability.

Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant Aerial Photo (CLICK TO ENLARGE)
le circuit mont tremblant aerial photo

Le Circuit Mont Tremblant Track Schematic
Le-Circuit Mont-Tremblant Track Schematic

2009 Ferrari Festival – Mont Tremblant RACE SCHEDULE (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

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  1. Joshua McRae said on July 23rd, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    gonna be a good time! 🙂