Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept Photos & Video


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Bugatti Galibier

Bugatti unveils the ultimate 4 door ever – The Galibier. Moving on from supercars to four door super sedans, we had the Porsche Panamera and then the Aston Martin Rapide and finally Bugatti is here to remind these two who the boss really is. What you see here is called the Galibier. You can recall that rumors and speculations suggested that it would be called the Bugatti Royale or Bugatti Bordeaux. This is Bugatti’s take on the ultra luxury four door supercar segment and features twin supercharged Veyron engine with 800bhp, nearly unheard of in a 4 door car so far!

Bugatti Galibier interior

Now, before you get too excited on seeing this, the car you see here is not the next Bugatti. This is is just one of many models Bugatti will display in the future to decide on which one to build once the Veyron goes out of production in 2011. The power though, rests from the feedback that Bugatti gets and it needs a lot to convince VW to permit them make this car. It is expected to be revealed at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor show.

Bugatti Galibier (1)

Named after one of the most demanding stretches of Alpine roadway along the Tour de France. The same nomenclature was also used for a version of the Bugatti type-57C built between 1937 and 1940. The Galibier concept was just unveiled at the Company’s 100 year celebration in Molsheim, France. Bugatti say it was designed to be “the most exclusive, elegant and powerful four door automobile in the world”. Looking at the car, they certainly have achieved all their goals. There is certainly no car that comes close and again let me remind you that this is just one of the models Bugatti is looking at to move forward.

Bugatti has reinvented itself as the most exclusive automobile maker with the Veyron and now they are going one step forward with the world’s ultimate four door car. The new Galibier is brimming with high level technology. The gorgeous two-tone outer shell is not just for beauty, the dark blue colour is actually handmade carbon fibre while the rest of the body parts are made of polished aluminium that has a ‘look at me’ kind of gloss. Also eye grabbing is the brilliant shimmer that the carbon fibre body shows off when lights hit it. This is hardly surprising afterall Bugatti are one of the first manufacturers to use aluminium for engine blocks, body and wheels.

While the trend now is using classis lines, the Galibier too takes hints from tthe Type 35 that featured a torpedo like body style. It also sports a prominent center spine, clam-shell design from the Type 57. The company’s trademark radiator grill and big LED headlights, very similar to the Veyron, give away the Galibier as Bugatti.

The polished aluminium hood hides the brilliant (and ferociously powerful) 16-cylinder, 8-liter W-config engine and while the Veyron sports 4 turbochargers, the Galibeier’s engine gets two stage supercharging capable of running on ethanol. This engine differs from the Veyron because this is front mounted and has the ability to run in flexi-fueling mode. The Galibier does have a 4 wheel drive system to put all that power down to reach a top speed of 217mph. Stopping power is provided by specially developed carbon ceramic brakes and a new suspension system that is capable of handling such power and size.

Bugatti Galibier (2)

Luxury and Bugatti are inseparable and the galibier is no different. It has toned down Veryron interiors as it is understood that this is a 4 door afterall and like the Veyron, it features a powerdial.There is also a removable Parmigiani Reverso Tourbillion clock that can actually be used as a wrist watch when you are not driving.

It is expected to cost a figure almost unheard of for such a car – US$ 1,480,000! You can start saving if VW gives the green light for this model or just wait for the next!


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