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Avus Nissan GT-R R35

The Nissan Skyline GT-R has always been a favorite among tuners and the new R35 has been following the trend (regardless of what techno locks Nissan included). We’ve had many tune the R35, Garage Defend Nissan R35 GT-R, Zele Nissan GT-R and Wald Nissan GT-R to name a few of my favorites. Now, it’s the turn of Avus Performance, the German tuning firm that has had a crack at the GT-R R35. The kits are exclusive limited to 490 that will be made.

As with all their tuned rides, like the recently done Audi Q7 and Audi TT, this R35 also comes with Avus special matte black paint. The car looks quite spectacular in this specific colour and it is called ‘Batmobil Reloaded’. While it may not look as unique or intricate as a Batmobile, it will definitely go like one. The Avus GT-R rides on special coilovers but the shock adjustment that comes on the stock shocks has been retained. The car looks sportier due to a lowered ride height.

Avus Nissan GT-R R35 Avus Nissan GT-R R35 Avus Nissan GT-R R35

The wheels are fitted with spacers and continue the black theme, but with a difference – The 20 inch wheels sport a mild gloss finish as opposed to the matte black paint finish on the car. Avus also offers individually painted parts like front bumper, rear diffuser and air vents. The window tint follows the theme and is dark as well. The Avus GT-R doesnt have as many modifications as the Garage Defend but looks great in its own way.

The Avus GT-R boasts of an increases power output of 580 bhp and 700 Nm of torque! That’s as much as the SLS AMG for a start! Power comes courtesy a modified sports ECU and the removal of 2 catalytic converters (This would’nt go down well with Greenpeace). The car would pretty much outrun most of the supercars beating the stock GT-R that makes just 480 bhp by a huge margin.

Avus Nissan GT-R

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If you want one, you better be quick as we dont expect the kits to last long. Listed below are the prices for the modifications done for the AVUS PERFORMANCE Nissan GT-R Black Edition:

> Matt black foliation – US$ 3677 (2499 Euros)
> Coilovers – US$ 1911 (1299 Euros)
> Modified ECU – US$ 2793 (1899 Euros)
> Exhaust pipe – US $ 1468 (998 Euros)
> Painted 20“ wheels – US $ 1470 (999 Euro)
> Wheel spacers – US$ 515 (349 Euros)

[Source: Avus-Performance.com]

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