Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE China Edition Photos


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ferrari 599 gtb fiorano hgte china

Diamond sales are not the only materialistic western gimmick on the rise in China, so are expensive supercars! With that being said, Ferrari has realized the importance of the Chinese market and recently developed 12 limited edition Ferrari 599 HGTE with the help of a famous Chinese artist. Less than 12 of these new Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE China Editions will be made available for sale in China.

Ferrari’s development partnership with Chinese artist Lu Hao brought these limited edition Ferrari 599’s to life. It features a special fire red “Rosso Fuoco” paint scheme with a grey roof. Its design also incorporates Chinese elements inspired by Ge Kiln porcelain and the storied Silk Road (which brought Italian explorer Marco Polo to China) of Chinese literature.

ferrari 599 gtb fiorano hgte china

ferrari 599 gtb fiorano hgte china tach

Hao used an ancient Chinese script called “Xiao Zhuan” to engrave a name plaque for each edition as well as mark the car throughout, such as on the engine start button and the rev counter.

[Source: WCF]

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